Some shots of me and Jessie Nos horsing around between shots.

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Some shots of me and Jessie Nos horsing around between shots.
Me/Ugly Shyla and Jessie Nos horsing around.Photo by Brain Hammer


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Pink Ugly Shyla Photoshoot Worn Heels For Sale.

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I have my bright pink photoshoot worn heels up for sale on my site.Click the yellow purchase button on the right to buy Click to see them here

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Happy 4th Photo!

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Happy 4th everybody!
Photo by DCB studios
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Why do girls go to Mainstream Porn from Alt Porn?

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I’m really curious to know why some girls “sellout” for lack of a better word and go from being alt porn girls to changing the way they look and dress so they can be mainstream porn workers.
I can understand if change your style because it was a phase you were going through or you just change your style.
But I’m wondering about the girls who change their look for work.Sort of the way you have people who hide their tattoos or piercings or whatnot for a professional job.
The thing that makes me curious is I just wonder if they get something out of the change from a business standpoint.
To me it would make it harder to go from a alt porn worker to a mainstream one.It’s sort of the big fish in a big sea thing.
Like if I decided I’d make mainstream dolls and have to get into competing with Barbie.Yes in theory you could stand to make more from it but the chance for it to happen is almost non existent.
Of course I’m sure it is better for some girls from a business standpoint because most alt anything or anybody is broke ass and I’m sure mainstream porn at least pays girl enough to almost pay half the rent that month.
Again I’m just curious about why some girls make the change.

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Who gains?Certainly not the women anymore.

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Always marry for money,not for love.

I posted that statement awhile back and it got a large amount of responses both agreeing and disagreeing. I’m sure that sounds like a terrible bitchy thing to say,but let me explain myself. First off I say ALLOT of terrible bitchy things,it’s how I got the name Ugly.And I’m not male bashing,most of you male will even have to admit I am right about allot of the statements I will make.I’m not saying it’s always the case,but most of the time it is. I’m also sure that some of you think it’s a awful thing to say because what if past and or future mates of mine read it?Well that is one of the reasons I’m putting that statement into the Ethers. And second off let me explain that I’m using money as a metaphor in a way.The word Money can be replaced with effort,talent or ability.In other words a mutual give and take.I’m using money as a example because it’s the thing that somebody is the most reluctant to part with. This is one of my forked tongue lashings so don’t mind me. I just think that males should be made to always have to wonder,to feel insecure like females in a relationship do.That is one of the problems in modern straight male/female relationships.The female is always left with the same nagging thoughts in the back of their collective minds.That what if their mate is only with them till something better looks,money,sex or status wise comes along? Sadly the paranoia is usually justified. Women who really care for a man have emotions,love and the loyalty that goes with it that bonds them to the male,which is why they enter into the relationship with said male.If they really love them it will bond them to the male through thick and thin.If the women really loves the male she will stay with him if he gets fat,loses his job,gets sick/hurt or can’t have sex anymore. Now ladies tell me,tell me honestly from the bottom of your heart do you think that most of the males you have loves from your first love to your last, that you loved with your whole heart would have stayed with you under those circumstances?Would they have stayed and supported you in mind,body and pocket book? I think it would do all women kind some good ,if we were all more vocal about not just expecting love,but loyalty *allot of women don’t even demand that* and something,ANYTHING in return in a relationship. Love can be faked but supporting supporting somebody in a tangible manner cannot.Be helping support the household or doing something helpful again in a tangible manner to fighting verbally or physically to defend their woman. I have been with several male either friends or mates where I have had to worry about if a fight breaks out who will I fight for myself AND them.That should never be the case EVER!Chivalry is dead and most males my age piss upon it’s rotted bloated corpse.Maybe it’s because I’m southern but I’m horrified by the abuse against chivalry. I say NO MORE!It’s getting to be a epidemic in my generation and as I said NO MORE will I put up with or entertain that behavior of a male acting more like a twat then the females I know. I want it to be in the back of the mind of EVERY guy that is attracted to me *where that attraction is reciprocal or not* that to even be CONSIDERED as a potential mate they WILL BE EXPECTED to have something to offer,something to bring to the table set before me.

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My V-day wishlist

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Yes I have a jig saw on my wishlist as well as other power tools.Yes I am a very refinded classy lady.LOL.
My V-day wishlist,kindness never goes unpunished so if you get me a gift make sure to include your return postal addy so I can send you a handmade wood block printed thank you card.
Addy the same addy also works for those of you who I usually swap holliday cards with.
PO BOX 439

Things I like:
doll related anything,antique dolls,books especially ones on religion,art,occult,pinups or dolls.Christian art,Padre Pio,Mother of Sorrow,African art and jewelry,things relating to voodoo or Santeria,Spiders,unusual stockings or socks,unusual rosary’s,magazine subscription*especially for art,fashion or doll making mags*,black and white cat related things,tailess/pixiebob cat related things, art and indie films,vintage pinup related things.

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Eye candy of unusual beauty.

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In my one of my recent past post about non-I look like a slightly edgier version of a mainstream “alt” models and them being examples for girls to look up at and relate too my friend Gigi posted some “eye candy” aka photos of examples of all types of beauty in the alt world.So I figured I’d do the same.Most of the gals listed are buddies of mine and are perfect examples you can be beautiful if you are any type of Alt gal,girls of color,curvy girls,tall girls,short,healthy fit what I call ballerina bodies ect ect.Some of them combine all of the above.They are walking talking proof it’s ok not to be the one type of model that is pushed in our faces my the alt and mainstream world.They are all different and all beautiful.
I encourage you to add and support them.Click their pic’s to go to their myspaces.

Hot african model from Houston.Who I WILL shoot with if I ever get my ass back to Houston one of these damn days!




Gigi Deluxe ,who is also a artist and fellow doll maker.



Xanthia Doll

Kataxenna,her curves are just crazy!I wish I could get my waist to do that.

Little Sebastien

Jami Deadly


Messy Stench



Heather Eve

Jezebelle X

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Not tall or thin.

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It always surprises me when people think I’m either tall or thin in real life.I guess people can’t tell I have a curvy figure since I don’t do allot of modeling in revealing clothing.People are also surprised at that fact I have a large bust again I guess it’s because I don’t wear revealing clothing allot.And I make allot of my own clothes so I can fit it properly and if it’s bras or something low cut I can make it to where to much don’t show or fall out.LOL.A friend of mine was telling me that her daughter said after seeing my pic’s that I was likely lucky enough to be skinny with no problems.
This is me when I’m in one of my thinner periods.I’m like a size LARGE there around 38C-28-38,I can’t remember in all of my adult or even teenage life when I was smaller then a large.
Bloody Valentine pic by I’d post a bigger image of that but I’m using the code from my myspace photos.Click the pic and it should take ya to the full size.
I have the typical Cajun woman’s body where I’m short and stocky and we usually always have a big bust and a bubble butt.Which is one of the reasons I have never even tried to be like Paris Hilton skinny.I’m fairly sure if I didn’t eat for a year I’d still have a hourglass figure so it would be pointless.
Which is a blessing and a curse at the same time.I don’t have to make myself eat only celery or something because again even if I’d starve myself I’d still be curvy so it’s pointless.But then again it’s hard to find clothes off the rack to fit properly,even sewing casual dresses for myself can be hard to try and get something to be large enough to squeeze your boobs in it and also have it be fitted in your waist.I almost always have to make darts in dresses or tops I buy.And when you are naturally big busted if you wear a top or loose dress that fits your bust it will be loose all over and you will look fat unless you buy it almost a size too small.And let me tell you having a naturally big bust sounds like it would be something you would really want but it’s really annoying as hell.Put a brick in a purse and hang it around your neck and see how sexy and voluptuous you feel.LOL.Hell I don’t even show my boobs so they don’t even have a exploitative value to me,they are just heavy things that make my shoulder hurt after a long day of sewing or sculpting.
Every since I hit puberty I have had a curvy figure,I have never ever been skinny.Again it’s annoying in some aspects and good in others.And the tall thing I don’t know why people always think I will be tall in person.I think it’s the big hair.LOL
Which again is why I don’t understand why allot of the newer alt models feel then need to be stick thin.It’s one thing to be really fit but it’s another thing to look like you are on the cocaine diet.Like I have said in the past if I were trying to get into alt modeling now and not already be established I would likely not even try because there are hardly any more varying body types,looks and even skin colors.Even the pin up girls are getting to where allot of them look alike.
Like I said I have ALWAYS had a sort of Jayne Mansfield figure.
I love this dress of hers.
Which would be great if I lived in the 1950’s.LOL.That is one awesome thing about Louisiana everybody is short and chubby here so I’m considered “thin”,God bless the south.LOL
Like I said though it’s sort of disheartening that so much of alt modeling had become almost Homogenized.If I was a 16 year girl wanting to get into alt modeling if I had the body I have I’d be totally dishearten.Hopefully myself and the other actual really alternative to the “alternative” *the girls with womanly bodies,the ethnic girls and the girls who are REAL bad asses, can at least give then some hope that they can also become established.Granted getting into alt modeling isn’t like real modeling where there is a golden ring of money and fame at the end of the rainbow.But at least some of the younger girls can maybe see that it’s ok to be ACTUALLY DIFFERENT even from the cookie cutter alt girl next door bullshit.

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Widows Mite.

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Lately one thing I have been fascinated with and have been exploring with my art work is Widowhood.
I think it’s something that is really overlooked by our society and is something that people don’t understand how deeply it affects people,especially women.
I know down south especially women are so dependant on their husbands in so many ways that when they lose them it’s a life shattering thing for them.
What started me thinking about it was that after my grandmother passed away this year a family member told me that not long before that she kept saying she was so lonely for “Jiggs” my grandfather’s nick name,and that she was ready to go meet him.
My grandfather was a drinker and wasn’t the nicest person to her in allot of ways,but I guess she really loved him and I guess when people pass away unless they are total waste of flesh we only remember the good things.
In some ways it’s not just death that makes a woman a widow things like drug addiction,war,sickness especially things like Alzheimer’s and even mental illness on the part of one’s partner can in a way make one a widow.
We have all lost somebody we are close to,and I think because of that we all in a way can understand a widows pain,but allot of people don’t acknowledge it.
In the case of older women I think people give them less thought and sympathy then they really should.I’m assuming it’s because people just chalk it up to the fact both spouses are older and death of one before the other is to be expected.
But think about it,allot of these couples have been together for many many years,I can’t imagine how it must feel for a 80 year old person to lose somebody their have spent their entire lives with,grown up with in some cases even the only person they have ever been intimate with,it has to be gut wrenching.Like I said the sad thing is I don’t think people really grasp how shocking it must be to that person to lose their loved one and now realize they are all alone in the world.

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