Some shots of me and Jessie Nos horsing around between shots.

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Some shots of me and Jessie Nos horsing around between shots.
Me/Ugly Shyla and Jessie Nos horsing around.Photo by Brain Hammer


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Does one gain ANYTHING as a alt model to secure their future?

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Hey Models I have a question.Most of
you are in your mid twenties,are pushing 30 or are like me and ARE 30.Now I want to know how how much many of these adorers,stalkers and fans that we all talk to and try and help and just give general attention to have put into OUR BANK ACCOUNT?How much have they given us all that we will have to fall back on when modeling is no longer a option?This is why most of this is fairy glamour or as I call it bullshit we just try our best to exploit.And if ANY of you give me shit for daring to say this I will personally drive to where you are and beat your lunch out you.I have art as my job first and foremost so I don’t even have to think about something to “fall back on” as modeling is just something I do for added publicity for my art.And actually thankful in the aspect that I’m not chosen as a model because I’m pretty or youthful looking.I have more of the sort of Diamanda Galas thing going on where people just use me as a model because I’m a weirdo.BUT I’m damn fucking tired of there being no 50/50 as a model or as somebody that is treated like a free freak show to people.Especially if you don’t do nudity,which doesn’t even pay enough to make anything worthwhile.100.00 for say 200 photos and you have to split the 100.00 with the photographer isn’t shit.And if you aren’t willing to lay and spread you get even less and I’m sorry but I think it’s bullshit.

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Help me and Clint go viral!!!!! Read Here.

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Long Story Short: go to Front page my friend Clints site to the left of the article about me is a SQUARE RED AND GRAY button that on the left of the Green Straight Jacket pic says “Move This Blog Up! On Blogsurfer” and it will move us up in the ranking.Which makes us happy.
#2 2) Download & install
the Alexa toolbar .Point of
all this? I promise that even as few as 5 of my friends & 5 of Shyla’s friends add Alexa tonight? By this time tomorrow, we’ll all see a notable improvement. Which helps ALL of us.And if y’all will be so kind post a review on out sites while at our links.You can do so by clicking the little clip board icon on the way to the right of the toolbar.
Deal is: Alexa is a site ‘ranking’ system owned by With the Alexa toolbar included on your browser, it shows at any moment the ranking of your sites, my site, the buzzfeed site…fkn’ everything.

Ok that was the short of it,
Written by my friend Clint Catalyst he’s trying to get us to both go viral,so please read the post and help us two southern fried freaks out.Clint is a huge talent and has been a awesome friend to me.
As a “third force” workin’ to help my home skillet Ugly Shyla ♡ capitalize on her skyrocketing ~*viral*~ status [i.e., help her to obtain a bit of the greenage & notoriety that Paul McCarthy, whose doll is including among the list & is doing JUST FINE with his big international gallery shows; ya n…aw mean?] I’ve added a piece about Miss Thingus Herselfness here // Now, this only takes a second, EmEffers, & it’s not like I’m asking you to vote for me for me for some Model Mayhem contest, nor am I spamming you to buy one of my products or go see me perform at some locale 2,927 mi from where you live. // Instead, it’s THIS SIMPLE Melody Cruz (who just called & kindly volunteered) AS WELL AS ANYBODY ELSE WHO’S AN ACTUAL FRIEND, EVEN & ESPECIALLY IF YOU’VE EVER ASKED ME TO HELP YOU PROMOTE SOMETHING:

1) Front page of my site, to the left of the article about Shyla is a SQUARE RED AND GRAY button that on the left of the Green Straight Jackt pic says “Move This Blog Up! On Blogsurfer” — Each
time a person clicks it, the action moves the huge-ass article about Shyla [and I do
mean HUGE..big sexy em-effing photos of her pin-up photographs, visual
art, dolls, ~&~ linkage to the various sites with juicy teaser
photos]… I SAY, EACH TIME A PERSON CLICKS THE BUTTON, IT MOVES THE BLOGATURE TO THE TOP OF THAT SITE’S BLOGROLL. A quick 2 second click now, maybe one later when you think about it? BAM! Yes, that *WILL* MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

—ALSO, if any of you have blogs of your own? The next tip will help YOU while you’re helping her (& me, & any other cool blogger) ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It’s also quick & easy, so spare me the symphony of sighs. (Aiight? Or +AHEM!+ “Please” & “Thank You,” that is…) =]

2) Download & install
the Alexa toolbar for either Firefox/Mozilla/or Internet Explorer. For
whatever reason, it isn’t compatible with Safari, but that’s not the
point. Deal is: Alexa is a site ‘ranking’ system owned by With
the Alexa toolbar included on your browser, it shows at any moment the
ranking of your sites, my site, the buzzfeed site…fkn’ everything.

so you know: the main # is a site’s ranking OUT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD, so don’t freak your geek/feel the need to be embarrassed if your URL wields a scary #. Besides, after you’ve had it installed for around a month, you’ll be able to
see break-downs by country, as well as even which state you rank
highest in.

Translation? Some of my friends started out with a
rank of 22 million something. What’s exciting is
watching how quickly a couple of articles can make your number increase. For
a personal site, making it into the top 100K in the world is kind of a
big deal. In fact, only one of my friends has done it thus far with a
personal site–but she’s since fallen out of that bracket. The top 100
K means you’re ‘up there’ competing with every company, web-zine,
magazine, social networking site, et cetera. When I first added the
toolbar, my worldwide stats bummed me out, as they were pretttty bad… though I’ve since made it as far up as 172K (still a far way to go from the top 100, which hopefully
someday I”ll hit… but that was better than what it is now, anyway: I’ve dipped back down to the 185K range intl., 40,000 in the U.S., & 17K
in Cali, where the majority of my traffic originates.

Point of
all this? I promise that even as few as 5 of my friends & 5 of Shyla’s friends
add Alexa tonight? By this time tomorrow, we’ll all see a notable
improvement. & the day after that? Even better. That goes for Shyla, as well as you, as well as me… because we can either all help each other & benefit when the river rises, or suffocate in bitter “Me!It’s Team Me!It’s All About Me!” cunty competitiveness.

Too brash or direct, kiddos? Delete me from your friends’ list. But when you see me showin’ somebody else ‘The Love’ tomorrow, or next week? Don’t come weaseling around thinking it’s your turn, bub.

3) Ah!
& of course, if you already utilize Mixx/Digg/StumbleUpon/Yahoo buzz/Google buzz/Delicious/Plurk/Fark/Hipstr/Bordom/or any of the other sites of that nature? Here’s another neat little tip that you’ll notice:

If you’ve tried them in the past, though quit after a couple tries because “nobody gave YOU any traaafffffic,” answer me this: did you only post links to your own content, or did you have enough respect for the communities that you contributed to them elsewise?

For every single URL you toss into the forum, contribute to at least 5 others. Amber Osborne knows this to be true, & I’ve never had a single conversation with her about it. Haven’t, ’cause there’s no need to: I already see her workin’ that social media magic a lá Miss Destructo. It’s something so, so basic; maybe that’s why it’s so easy for most folks to overlook.

Whatever the case, congrats to Shyla for a post on BuzzFeed catchin’ the attention of the Huffington Post—& by proxy, that opening the proverbial floodgates.

Now let’s help her, which helps me, which helps you. Unless, of course. you’d rather try your luck playing TEAM SOLO-N-SO, to which I respond:

Best of luck!

x o x o x
Clintasaurus Maximus

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Pink Ugly Shyla Photoshoot Worn Heels For Sale.

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I have my bright pink photoshoot worn heels up for sale on my site.Click the yellow purchase button on the right to buy Click to see them here

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IF you are talking to me to try and get in my pants.

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Dear fellows,if you are being friendly to be thinking you will eventually get in my panties.There is the exit door get the fuck out.I don’t believe in casual sex so you are wasting your time.Look do I REALLY look like the kind of girl that is a easy lay?Have I given you any hint of that with my sour and guarded disposition?If you like me you can take the time and court me properly,if you want to be my buddy you will be just THAT a friend and might as well get the thought of ever so much as seeing my drawers out of your mind.We clear?

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Pic’s of me modeling some of my jewelry I make.

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Some of my conjoined twins doll jewelry I make.Find it for sale at either my etsy site or my website Ugly Art Dolls photos by Alas Vera
Broken doll Necklace
All Necklaces

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Kissing Ass Pic

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Kissing ass.HAR HAR HAR Model me/Ugly Shyla Donkey is Miss Donkey and photographer is Alas Vera. I have to credit the Donkey because it’s a total diva.I hear she is trying out for SG soon.LOL
uglyshyla,model,blue hair,punk,alt,photo,pic's,photography,girl,female,woman,black eyes,contacts,Pin Up

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I refuse to let them ruin my kindness.

December 27, 2009 at 11:15 pm (ranting, Riot Grrrl, subculture, ugly shyla, uglyshyla) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

I refuse to let people’s shitty rude and idiotic behavior turn me into a heartless,unkind bastard.
This past month alone I have gotten into it with several different people who have nothing to do with one another because tried to be polite or nice.Or have had people be rude to me for no reason what so ever!
People like that are the ones that turn people into horrible cut throat,conniving,innocent people abusing bastards and I REFUSE to let people do that to ME!
I’m southern so I was raised to where you are kind to people unless they give you a reason to be,and in turn people if they have a OUNCE of behavior skills or what we call “proper raising” will do the same in return.But some have neither and they should be ashamed to behave like that in public and worse on public forums where God and country can see their shitty rude behavior.
I have some amazing,awesome friends or even just people I have never met in person in my life that I know through the internet,who have gone out of their way to help me or be kind to me or are just generally be awesome.And I will NOT have the shitty bad apples in the bunch ruin me from being nice to people and getting to meet or extend kindness to people like that.I will not let them ruin my desire to be kind to people like that.
But Lord knows I can see why some people become horrible human beings and are just outright assholes to their fellow man be in strangers or close friends.People like that really turn you off and make me want to be one of those elitist assholes on the internet that speaks to no one even if they speak to me first or are showing appreciation for what I do.
I’m also so annoyed with the idea that just because you are a Satanist you are supposed to treat everybody like shit,or lie,cheat and steal even from friends to get your way.Being a Satanist you are supposed to take pride in yourself and your behavior and if you behave in that shitty of a manner you have NOTHING to be proud of.If you are incapable of helping a friend or even wipe your own ass without conniving somebody into doing it for you,then you have NOTHING to be proud of.At that point you haven’t even earned the right to breath air.
I don’t appreciate uncalled for rude or shitty behavior and I will not tolerate it.If you do it I will call you out and publicly shame because you damn well deserve it.I beseech you all to the the same when somebody is behaving in a uncalled for rotten manner.Maybe if the “mark” them they will feel the sting of shame and learn to behave as decent human beings!
“Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them” (Roman 16:17).

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Merry Christmas from me and Krampus!

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Uh Oh kids I smell burning coal and cat hair,that can only mean one thing Krampus cat is coming to town!
Merry Christmas from me and my cat Krampus Lamb!For more info on the Krampus tradition visit and to see more of Lamb visit
Feel free to repost or pass around Krampus’ photo.
Ugly Shyla
Krampus,photo,pic,pictures,cat,krampus lamb,ugly shyla,uglyshyla,humorous,funny,lol,cats,kitty,dressed,clothing,black,devil,holiday,card,Christmas,weird
Krampus,photo,pic,pictures,cat,krampus lamb,ugly shyla,uglyshyla,humorous,funny,lol,cats,kitty,dressed,clothing,black,devil,holiday,card,Christmas,weird
Krampus,photo,pic,pictures,cat,krampus lamb,ugly shyla,uglyshyla,humorous,funny,lol,cats,kitty,dressed,clothing,black,devil,holiday,card,Christmas,weird
Ugly Shyla
Ugly Art Dolls Myspace
My Execution Style Clothing Design Etsy Shop
Ugly Art Dolls
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Doll Head ornaments and Wall hangings.

December 14, 2009 at 4:58 am (art, art dolls, artist, crafting, crafts, diy, doll making, dolls, fine art dolls, Louisiana, Louisiana artist) (, , , , )

You can find them all for sale on face wall hangings have a secret message scratched on the back that only the buyer will see.And each phrase on each head is different.I’m only making a limited edition of these so get them while you can.
The ornament can be used as a wall hanging or even worn as a pendant if you remove the black hanging wire and slip a chain through the loops.

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