Happy 4th Photo!

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Happy 4th everybody!
Photo by DCB studios
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Who gains?Certainly not the women anymore.

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Always marry for money,not for love.

I posted that statement awhile back and it got a large amount of responses both agreeing and disagreeing. I’m sure that sounds like a terrible bitchy thing to say,but let me explain myself. First off I say ALLOT of terrible bitchy things,it’s how I got the name Ugly.And I’m not male bashing,most of you male will even have to admit I am right about allot of the statements I will make.I’m not saying it’s always the case,but most of the time it is. I’m also sure that some of you think it’s a awful thing to say because what if past and or future mates of mine read it?Well that is one of the reasons I’m putting that statement into the Ethers. And second off let me explain that I’m using money as a metaphor in a way.The word Money can be replaced with effort,talent or ability.In other words a mutual give and take.I’m using money as a example because it’s the thing that somebody is the most reluctant to part with. This is one of my forked tongue lashings so don’t mind me. I just think that males should be made to always have to wonder,to feel insecure like females in a relationship do.That is one of the problems in modern straight male/female relationships.The female is always left with the same nagging thoughts in the back of their collective minds.That what if their mate is only with them till something better looks,money,sex or status wise comes along? Sadly the paranoia is usually justified. Women who really care for a man have emotions,love and the loyalty that goes with it that bonds them to the male,which is why they enter into the relationship with said male.If they really love them it will bond them to the male through thick and thin.If the women really loves the male she will stay with him if he gets fat,loses his job,gets sick/hurt or can’t have sex anymore. Now ladies tell me,tell me honestly from the bottom of your heart do you think that most of the males you have loves from your first love to your last, that you loved with your whole heart would have stayed with you under those circumstances?Would they have stayed and supported you in mind,body and pocket book? I think it would do all women kind some good ,if we were all more vocal about not just expecting love,but loyalty *allot of women don’t even demand that* and something,ANYTHING in return in a relationship. Love can be faked but supporting supporting somebody in a tangible manner cannot.Be helping support the household or doing something helpful again in a tangible manner to fighting verbally or physically to defend their woman. I have been with several male either friends or mates where I have had to worry about if a fight breaks out who will I fight for myself AND them.That should never be the case EVER!Chivalry is dead and most males my age piss upon it’s rotted bloated corpse.Maybe it’s because I’m southern but I’m horrified by the abuse against chivalry. I say NO MORE!It’s getting to be a epidemic in my generation and as I said NO MORE will I put up with or entertain that behavior of a male acting more like a twat then the females I know. I want it to be in the back of the mind of EVERY guy that is attracted to me *where that attraction is reciprocal or not* that to even be CONSIDERED as a potential mate they WILL BE EXPECTED to have something to offer,something to bring to the table set before me.

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