Does one gain ANYTHING as a alt model to secure their future?

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Hey Models I have a question.Most of
you are in your mid twenties,are pushing 30 or are like me and ARE 30.Now I want to know how how much many of these adorers,stalkers and fans that we all talk to and try and help and just give general attention to have put into OUR BANK ACCOUNT?How much have they given us all that we will have to fall back on when modeling is no longer a option?This is why most of this is fairy glamour or as I call it bullshit we just try our best to exploit.And if ANY of you give me shit for daring to say this I will personally drive to where you are and beat your lunch out you.I have art as my job first and foremost so I don’t even have to think about something to “fall back on” as modeling is just something I do for added publicity for my art.And actually thankful in the aspect that I’m not chosen as a model because I’m pretty or youthful looking.I have more of the sort of Diamanda Galas thing going on where people just use me as a model because I’m a weirdo.BUT I’m damn fucking tired of there being no 50/50 as a model or as somebody that is treated like a free freak show to people.Especially if you don’t do nudity,which doesn’t even pay enough to make anything worthwhile.100.00 for say 200 photos and you have to split the 100.00 with the photographer isn’t shit.And if you aren’t willing to lay and spread you get even less and I’m sorry but I think it’s bullshit.


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Pic’s of me modeling some of my jewelry I make.

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Some of my conjoined twins doll jewelry I make.Find it for sale at either my etsy site or my website Ugly Art Dolls photos by Alas Vera
Broken doll Necklace
All Necklaces

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Kissing Ass Pic

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Kissing ass.HAR HAR HAR Model me/Ugly Shyla Donkey is Miss Donkey and photographer is Alas Vera. I have to credit the Donkey because it’s a total diva.I hear she is trying out for SG soon.LOL
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New Modeling And Doll Photo Prints.

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I listed some new photo prints of my doll photography and my modeling work on my website.I have them in 8X12 or 20X30 inch sizes.The 8X12 are 15.00 and the 20X30 are 30.00.The 20X30 prints are huge almost poster size photo prints.They are printed on photo paper not plain paper like most posters are.I try and keep the photo prints in stock,but when they sell fast it takes me about a week to get new stock in,so please keep that in mind.
Some of the new prints include my Split Mouth Doll photos and my Stocking photos by Alas Vera.
Links to the photo prints.
Link to the doll photo prints
Link to the Modeling Photo Prints
Ugly Shyla
A sampling of a FEW of the pic’s I listed.

Ugly Art Dolls Myspace
My Execution Style Clothing Design Etsy Shop
Ugly Art Dolls
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Red Gingham Photos by Alas Vera

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Cajun people have big butts and I’m no exception. Photo by
More under the cut.

I SWEAR it taste like chicken.Photo by
ugly shyla,punk,girls,photos,fetish,uglyshyla,busty,model

Gumbo’s ready! Photo by Dolls by me

Ugly Shyla
Ugly Art Dolls Myspace
My Execution Style Clothing Design Etsy Shop
Ugly Art Dolls
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“Sexpressionist Portraits” Limited Ed of 333 Signed hard back

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The book I’m in my Steven Leyba is now for sale.
There are only 333 total more than half are sold or in specialty book
stores. There are only 333 and no more. Get yours while you still can. $333
signed in Steven’s blood. Models in the book $200
If you’d like more info about it,where to buy ect.You can contact Steven at his site

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Modeling for and

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Modeling patches for
Modeling patches for experiment haywire myspace

Modeling jewelry for
Modeling jewelry for also visit her myspace to see some of her cool work.She is a ceramic and glass artist like myself and her work is very affordable.

Ugly Shyla
Ugly Art Dolls Myspace
Execution Style Clothing Myspace
Ugly Art Dolls
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Just got back from shooting with Alas Vera

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Just got back from shooting with Alas Vera she’s such a sweet girl and talented.we shot at my aunt Jolynn’s house out in the Boonies.
We didn’t get bit by any Louisiana critters.But we did see a FAT Skink and found a mummified rat.Which I was more then excited then I should be over because I NEVER see anything mummified here.It’s too humid.I also scared the hell out of the Cows on my Aunt’s property.There were 3 looking at me like they didn’t know what the hell I was,so I tried to call them over so I could pet them and they tucked in their big cow asses and RAN.The whole herd just ran for their lives.LOL.I don’t know if they can see color or not but they ran for their lives.They had a new baby calf out there so I don’t know if that had something to do with it or they hate blue haired but I also had contacts on maybe they freaked out over that.
I know I have to watch myself around bees because they think my hair is a big ratty flower and same goes for humming birds.But I haven’t ever had the cows tear ass like that away from me.
We should have pic’s soon,she was even awesome enough to get some nice shots of my dolls.I keep telling her she should also hire herself out as a photographer for artwork.She’s good at it and allot of the other visual artist like myself are either new to photography or don’t know how the photograph their work at all.It’s one of those things you don’t think about till later down the road when you are actually selling work.You never think you will get to the point of anybody wanting your artwork much less have to worry about having nice photos of it because 1000’s of people will look at it.
She was also nice enough to let me gawk at her new lighting equipment since I need to invest in my own soon.
I had a white wedding dress laying around for awhile I was planning to use for a shoot.I knew it “fit me” because the bottom of it fit but when I put it on today I didn’t realize my boobs didn’t fit in it.So I did the logical thing and ripped the seams at the armpit and I was able to wedge them in there at that point.Now you all know why sometimes I wear old dresses with the armpits ripped out.LOL

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My V-day wishlist

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Yes I have a jig saw on my wishlist as well as other power tools.Yes I am a very refinded classy lady.LOL.
My V-day wishlist,kindness never goes unpunished so if you get me a gift make sure to include your return postal addy so I can send you a handmade wood block printed thank you card.
Addy the same addy also works for those of you who I usually swap holliday cards with.
PO BOX 439

Things I like:
doll related anything,antique dolls,books especially ones on religion,art,occult,pinups or dolls.Christian art,Padre Pio,Mother of Sorrow,African art and jewelry,things relating to voodoo or Santeria,Spiders,unusual stockings or socks,unusual rosary’s,magazine subscription*especially for art,fashion or doll making mags*,black and white cat related things,tailess/pixiebob cat related things, art and indie films,vintage pinup related things.

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Eye candy of unusual beauty.

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In my one of my recent past post about non-I look like a slightly edgier version of a mainstream “alt” models and them being examples for girls to look up at and relate too my friend Gigi posted some “eye candy” aka photos of examples of all types of beauty in the alt world.So I figured I’d do the same.Most of the gals listed are buddies of mine and are perfect examples you can be beautiful if you are any type of Alt gal,girls of color,curvy girls,tall girls,short,healthy fit what I call ballerina bodies ect ect.Some of them combine all of the above.They are walking talking proof it’s ok not to be the one type of model that is pushed in our faces my the alt and mainstream world.They are all different and all beautiful.
I encourage you to add and support them.Click their pic’s to go to their myspaces.

Hot african model from Houston.Who I WILL shoot with if I ever get my ass back to Houston one of these damn days!




Gigi Deluxe ,who is also a artist and fellow doll maker.



Xanthia Doll

Kataxenna,her curves are just crazy!I wish I could get my waist to do that.

Little Sebastien

Jami Deadly


Messy Stench



Heather Eve

Jezebelle X

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