Open Frequency Rock/Art Expo,Lafayette,LA Sept 26

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Open Frequency Rock/Art Expo,Lafayette,LA Sept 26
I will be vending this event Open Frequency Rock/Art Expo Sept 26th @ ACFM building 700 Lee and Main,downtown Lafayette,La


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Pet Serial Killers in Livingston, LA

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My mother keeps reminding me to post this.
Some ass in Livingston, LA is going around not only killing and mutilating animals they are even taking people’s pets and doing it.They found a bunch of killed dogs ect in a dumping ground where people usually dump deer.
Here is the news story on it. don’t worry there are no horrible photos or anything,they said the pic’s are too bad to even publish.
Feel free to repost the info,they need to catch the bastard doing that.

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Alas Vera shoot sneak peak.

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Perpetrating the stereotype that Cajun people don’t like to wear shoes.Photo by
I’ll be posting a few more later.
Ugly Shyla
Ugly Art Dolls
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My birthday is coming up on Dec 5th

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My birthday is coming up on Dec 5th and I love gifts.I have my wishlist here if you wish to be so generous and send me a gift.No good deed goes unpunished so if you send me something make sure to send me your post addy and I’ll send you a thank you card.My addy for sending gifts is
PO BOX 439
One thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE and would like to have is some of these books.Dear lord how I love those books.I have the History of Men’s Magazines: Volume 4 one.And I’d like them all.Used are even fine I love the images in the books to death.If you are a fan of seedy pinups totally check those books out they are freaking great.So any one besides Volume 4,Under the counter edition is very very welcome.
History of Men’s Magazine Books.
Volume 3
Volume #5
Volume #6
Volume #1
I also like gift certificates from because I spend all my money there anyway.
Or you can always buy artwork from me so I just just buy my own gifts,that works too ūüėõ

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They think they found the missing girl in my area deceased.

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They found a body just outside of town today.They think it’s that missing girl from here.I feel so bad for her family they must be totally distraught.This is the SEVENTH body they have found in the past couple of years.
Link to the news story about the found body,they also have video link on the page
The girl was last seen at the Family Dollar which is right next to Superfood which is extra scary because that is the local Dollar Store and grocery store everybody who lives in in the Hood *which is where I live too* goes to.Most people even walk there because it’s near by so they don’t have to go to say Wal-Mart which is on the other end of town.

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Everybody here *in Southern Louisiana* is scared witless over Gustav.Everybody here that stayed during Rita which also includes us *which is the hurricane that affected my area* I think has a touch of post traumatic stress,so everybody is really upset and freaked out over Gustav.
The worst part is we all kind of feel like the news is terrorizing us a bit.I can totally understand they have to scare everyone a bit because of allot of people not leaving during Katrina and also Rita.
It’s only a category 1 storm right now.But the officials and the news ect don’t really know what is going on with it yet.It’s not even near us all yet,but they keep telling us we¬†WILL have to evacuate soon,then they turn around and say well IF it’s bad you will have to but we don’t know what is going on.
It’s making people prepare which again is good,but they are making people go a bit beyond preparing and everybody is panicking.
Pretty much all the gas stations where I live were out of gas by nightfall,there was also no water at Wal-Mart and I’m sure there were out of allot of other hurricane supplies.
We booked a hotel in Northern Louisiana for Sunday Aug 31st until whenever.Because again we have no idea if we will have to evacuate or not.Not to mention the fact if we do we will have to bring a gaggle of cats,a old pug and 2 spiders.
And if everybody evacuates and the storm passes over without much incident,people are worried about if FEMA will reimburse you.Nobody here can afford a weeks stay in a hotel that is say 100.00 a night or more because they THINK there might be a storm but aren’t sure.
I don’t think people who don’t live in areas where there is a tendency towards natural disasters realize the other implications to worrying about things like hurricanes.There is the aspect of worrying about if you will have a home to come back to,and the total twisting experience of thinking about if you have everything you will need again in case you don’t have a home to come back to.
There is something deeply disturbing about trying to sort through what family photos mean the most to you that you will bring,what religious items you can pack and bring with you,what small things you can bring to help comfort your pets because they are frightened in a strange place.
The whole situation of not knowing is really really really stressful.

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