On Behavior ,Treatment of Others and Afterlife.

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There could or couldn’t be a afterlife.None of us have 100% concrete proof.I personally believe there is a afterlife.I tend to have a decent set of morals,which I think surprises people since I’m a non-Christian.Voodoo tends to have a set of morals,and Satanism even has a set of morals in The Eleven Satanic Rules of the
Earth.This is my personal theory I treat other’s the way I would want to be treated,till they provoke me to do otherwise.I also look at it this way if there is a afterlife where I will rack some sort of spiritual brownie points by conducting myself as a decent individual that is wonderful.And if the opposite is true and there is nothing after death,when I’m at the point of dying and slipping into that big nothing,I can know that while on my one way trip I treated other’s and behaved in a decent manner because it was my one shot.
When people would challenge Saint Martín de Porres about his kindness to animals,because they believed that animals had no soul and therefore it didn’t matter how one treated them.Saint Martín de Porres would tell them something to the effect of that if this was the animals one life and after which there was no heaven for them to go to,one had to be extra kind to them.Because is that was the case after that there was no other chance.


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