IF you are talking to me to try and get in my pants.

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Dear fellows,if you are being friendly to be thinking you will eventually get in my panties.There is the exit door get the fuck out.I don’t believe in casual sex so you are wasting your time.Look do I REALLY look like the kind of girl that is a easy lay?Have I given you any hint of that with my sour and guarded disposition?If you like me you can take the time and court me properly,if you want to be my buddy you will be just THAT a friend and might as well get the thought of ever so much as seeing my drawers out of your mind.We clear?


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Happy 4th Photo!

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Happy 4th everybody!
Photo by DCB studios
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I cornored Little Fatty at the post office,read more

June 7, 2010 at 2:21 pm (Uncategorized)

I was at the post office mailing out doll mess.And I go to walk out the double doors out into the doors out the outside and who do I see but Little Fatty.I don’t know if Little Fatty saw me before hand or not.Let me give you a background on Little Fatty and that side of the family in general,they HATE being embarrassed in public.They would rather DIE then have that happen.I on the other hand have no fucking sense and don’t mind it a bit.Said reenactment will be typed as I said it.Bad grammar and all,because nothing is more funny then hearing a Cajun person be pissed off.Oh and please keep in Mind Little Fatty looks JUST like Jan Skylar from the Married News Team on Tim and Eric but when scared or angered she looks and acts like Casey Tatum.
I see Little Fatty from the back and say loud but not screaming *did I mention I live by the train tracks so I can be heard 10 blocks away without screaming?*
Anyhoo I see Fatty and say HEY WHY YOU HARASSING MY MAMA!.She tries to act like I’m not talking to her and proceeded to walk in front and turn her head to the side and is shoving her mouth to the side like nobody will see her lips move,and says “I never called your mother”.Mind you she’s even started her shit when other people are around.
I said “you DID call harass my mother and it best stop!”
She keeps walking and is further away so of course I must get louder and point and fling my hands around like all easily excitable Cajun people so everybody will KNOW I’m talking to her.
Fatty tells me “Y’all better stop harassing me or I will ***guess what kids???**** FILE CHARGESSSSSSSS!
I ask “Why you breaking into my buildings????”
At this point she is scrabbling for her keys to her car,I’m still by the doors so I have to get even louder,at this point there are at least 3 people looking at her like GAWD what did you do to make that thing like looks like a big blue jay holler at you???
At this point Fatty drives away and everybody is looking at her even harder because now they realize said big blue jay looking thing is angry because she broke into it’s nest.

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Family Drama/Little Bitch

May 29, 2010 at 6:23 pm (ranting)

Would y’all like to know how my week went?
Let me give you some background first.My mom borrowed 4000.00 from my grandma.My grandma wanted to give it to her but unlike the rest of the family we don’t like to suck people dry.So my mom insisted that my grandma go with her to the bank to make a note saying my mom would pay it back at like 300.00 at a time as we got on our feet.
Well I will tell you.My grandma fell down.I think she had a slight diabetic spell and she went to the hospital.Because of that we were forced into speaking to my aunt *on my dad’s side* who I will refer to as Little Fatty.By no means do my mother and I get along with Little Fatty.Little Fatty fucked my mom over during my mom’s divorce and has just been a general asshole to us for no reason.
Well Grandma Dorothy falls and we have to talk to Little Fatty to find out what room she is in ect.Well then grandma goes missing for like a day and we have no idea where she is.My mother calls Little Fatty because we were totally freaked out and didn’t know if they stuck her in a nursing home or what.Fatty tells mom Grandma Dorothy is in the rehab clinic.We go see her and she’s fine *Little Fatty told us Grandma was totally off her rocker ect,now Grandma WILL repeat herself allot but she’s going to be 80 and that is expected* but she still can drive and care for herself ect.The day we went to go see my grandma was the day before the funeral for Gavin and Ash and Fatty KNEW we were going to the funeral the next day and that we were HIGHLY upset by the deaths,not just deaths but deaths of TWO kids under 25!
Now Little Fatty is fond of money,when my grandpa on my dad’s side was murdered or more like slaughtered there are 4 kids.My dad,Ronald,Betty and little Fatty.Ronald was like me with my mom and was VERY close to my grandpa.Well when Grandpa got killed ALL his estate which was worth over a million bucks when to Little Fatty.The other kids each got 1000.00 which was more just a slap in the face.
So Wed we come in from out of town and come home to take a bath and get dressed for the wake of Gavin and Ash.Well we get a call from Little Fatty, mom answers it to find out when my grandma is coming out of rehab because we are scared they will just shove her in the nursing home.
Little Fatty starts SCREAMING at my mom that she is a mother fucker and nothing but a thief and that she took advantage of the INSANE because my grandma is CRAZY *which she is NOT!* and that she stole 4000.00 from my grandma.AND that she stole from her own *my mom’s mom* mother AND stole out of my grandpa’s *on my dad’s side* house.Which we didn’t even get along with my grandpa and wouldn’t go over to his house.We went once in his later years because he found a hurt owl and wanted us to come get it and help him find a place to take care of it.AND AND AND my grandpa’s house isn’t even standing anymore.Fatty sold that in a rat’s ass min when my grandpa died.My mom starts telling her off because she was just being crazy and Fatty starts going into a rant about how she has cameras EVERYWHERE.In my grandma’s house,they were in her dad’s house *which again I nor my mom has set foot in,in like 10 years or longer* and calling my mom a bitch ect ect.And THEN starts to scream about how she was going to go file charges on my mom THAT DAY and she would see to it my mom goes to JAIL.My mom said her 2 cents to her as best as she could and told her she was NOT a thief because she insisted my grandma make it a legal note at the bank to pay her back ect.Naturally this makes mom cry and get really upset.She was already crying all day over Ash and Gavin and then had that bullshit to deal with.And like I said Fatty KNEW we were about to go to a funeral.
Fatty works for the Sherriff’s office.Naturally being as she was calling and harassing my mom on work hours I suggest she call the Sherriff and talk about it.This is the same sheriff in the parish were we have 8 unsolved murders.Well the sheriff tells my mom there is nothing that can be done,because if my mom did wrong *like almost implying she DID* that she could expect to be put in jail.And if not Fatty would likely press charges.And that “you know how Fatty is,when she puts her mind to it you can almost bet you will go to jail” almost implying her behavior was cute.
Ok well that avenue was exhausted,I call my aunt’s number to have a little chat with her for cussing out and upsetting my mom on a day when we have a funeral.
Of course Fatty takes the phone off the hook.I call her up at work.I asked for her and they transferred me to her dept.Another lady answers the phone.I say “Yes mam’ can I please speak to Little Fatty,*little fatty must have motioned no” the lady says Little Fatty is on another line can she take a message?I say yes this is Shyla *my last name* could you please tell my aunt “Little Fatty” to meet me in my driveway I need to talk to her”.The lady said Oh OK like asking if everything is ok.I said “Oh everything is fine mam’ and it’s no hurry,but please tell tell her to come meet me in my front yard,it’s no hurry and make sure and tell her this is her niece calling.
I get dressed and wait in my front yard on the porch for little fatty and she never comes.
Well the next day I get up and SOMEBODY has taken bold cutters and cut into the pad lock on the building where I keep my doll molds.This did not sit well with me at all.I went in there and just wired the lock up and put some ritual items in there for protection.
Next day I’m in the store and my other aunt is in there chatting with us along with my little cousin the son of Little Fatty.She gets a call on the phone and I heard her saying “what?I’m not getting in the middle of this,I don’t know what in the world you are talking about?What?Voodoo what???.She gets annoyed and is raising her voice ect because now I realize she is drug into the crazy mess.
She gets off the phone to tell us that Little Fatty called her in hysterics because she said that building *the building and my house is on my grandpa’s property which was willed to Fatty but Fatty gave it to my father,because it’s a shitty horrible piece of property in the worst part of town and all the buildings are rotten,and because community property in the divorce*
Anyhoo Fatty says that is HER building,then says it’s still my father’s and I’m sure by now the Baby Jesus also owns it.And that she went to change the lock on there since supposedly my other aunt told her the lock was cut.And she opened the door and there was VOODOO STUFF IN THERE.And she is NOT TOUCHING that shit,and we better go pick it up because it’s HER building.WTF YEARS ago even before the property went to my dad she told me I could HAVE the building because it was old and had it and I could keep my molds in there.And even helped me put some of them in the window.Now she would do that to our fact but my mom heard her again making bitch comments about my mom when she thought my mom couldn’t hear it.
To add to Fatty’s charm her husband is a animal killer,they even let a rabbit starve to death in their back yard,and he had some quails he was canning the eggs from.Well he got board with the birds and let them go and shot them off one by one.They are such a charming couple.
After the OMG IT’S VOODOO call again I try and call her back to have words with her.The phone was off the hook AGAIN.
She is totally insane but being as she has pull with the sheriff’s office it’s scared my mom.I told mom not to worry that I will handle it in my own way OMG IT’S VOODOO!
And those of you who are also occultist make sure to raise mom and I in our rituals and to send our enemies even the little fat ones so below.We’d appreciate it.We are having a hard enough time with our friends passing,and seeing their family in such sorrow,we don’t need to be dealing with a insane person with pull in the sheriff’s office and my crazy dad who cranking them.

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On Behavior ,Treatment of Others and Afterlife.

May 12, 2010 at 2:33 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

There could or couldn’t be a afterlife.None of us have 100% concrete proof.I personally believe there is a afterlife.I tend to have a decent set of morals,which I think surprises people since I’m a non-Christian.Voodoo tends to have a set of morals,and Satanism even has a set of morals in The Eleven Satanic Rules of the
Earth.This is my personal theory I treat other’s the way I would want to be treated,till they provoke me to do otherwise.I also look at it this way if there is a afterlife where I will rack some sort of spiritual brownie points by conducting myself as a decent individual that is wonderful.And if the opposite is true and there is nothing after death,when I’m at the point of dying and slipping into that big nothing,I can know that while on my one way trip I treated other’s and behaved in a decent manner because it was my one shot.
When people would challenge Saint Martín de Porres about his kindness to animals,because they believed that animals had no soul and therefore it didn’t matter how one treated them.Saint Martín de Porres would tell them something to the effect of that if this was the animals one life and after which there was no heaven for them to go to,one had to be extra kind to them.Because is that was the case after that there was no other chance.

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My unhealthy obsession with Jesus.

May 3, 2010 at 2:23 am (Uncategorized) ()

People don’t understand how I can not be a Christian yet I still have a burning obsession with Jesus.
I not only have a obsession with Jesus having gone to a Christian school as a child.I’m totally and completely obsessed with what he represents.I’m not talking about the fuzzy Sunday school Jesus that is all about hugging lambs and loving his fellow man.I’m talking about the exhausted,sweating blood,money changer table throwing,suffering Jesus.
Jesus drank from the dregs of being alone and abandoned.He went out of his way for people and went so far as dying and nobody cared or appreciated it.Jesus is the obsession of the over worked and under appreciated.He couldn’t trust the people he was around or even rely on them in any way shape or form.
Jesus got pissed off and yelled at people and threw things out of frustration.And don’t tell me Jesus didn’t get mad he got MAD.He hit people with whips and broke their stuff.
He was the son of God but still had a job and worked hard.Which is less then I can say for allot of Satanist I know.My Jesus obsession will allot of times chap the ass of allot of Satanist I come across,because I’m not “satanic” enough.Because I have to be a ass and have a obsession with something I want to be obsessed with.Not something that will give me cool brownie points.
I enjoy reading stories about Jesus and the Saints because it gives me great comfort to read about somebody who also went through suffering or trails and just became better more experienced people out of it.
And I have to say I also get a warm fuzzy feeling every time I see a image of Jesus,and I don’t give a damn who likes it or understands it.because it makes ME happy.

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Walmart sucks!

April 18, 2010 at 7:36 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

And yes I know I shouldn’t shop at Wal-Mart.But if you don’t want me to shop at Wal-Mart feel free to send me a extra 200.00 a months so I can shop at Piggly Wiggly exclusively.One more reason to hate Wal-Mart.I live in a very small town.So I don’t have allot of places to shop.Well the local Wal-Mart remodeling.Today they informed me they for the time being and maybe for good will NOT carry large bags of cat food.If you are a cat owner write walmart and express your distain for this.I know I sound like a crazy cat lady but it’s stupid.
I have over 5 insides cats,servral outside cats and I feed any stray I posiablly can,which is the reason cheap and large bags of cat food are a total godsend.But now I’m likely going to have to drive almost a hour out of town to go to petsmart to get large bags of cat food.My inside cat’s aren’t to keen on the only brand I can find in a large bag that is affordable.So if they want to be fussy and don’t like any other brands in town I’ll have to drive about a hour to get them something else.

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etsy feature.

April 10, 2010 at 4:59 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , , , )

One of my pieces A Old Blanket And A Withered Garden doll is on
one of my fave etsy features! Keep It Weird:
Efflorescence http://www.etsy.com/storque/etc/keep-it-weird-efflorescence-7743/

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Why do girls go to Mainstream Porn from Alt Porn?

March 21, 2010 at 4:29 pm (Random Thoughts) (, , , , , )

I’m really curious to know why some girls “sellout” for lack of a better word and go from being alt porn girls to changing the way they look and dress so they can be mainstream porn workers.
I can understand if change your style because it was a phase you were going through or you just change your style.
But I’m wondering about the girls who change their look for work.Sort of the way you have people who hide their tattoos or piercings or whatnot for a professional job.
The thing that makes me curious is I just wonder if they get something out of the change from a business standpoint.
To me it would make it harder to go from a alt porn worker to a mainstream one.It’s sort of the big fish in a big sea thing.
Like if I decided I’d make mainstream dolls and have to get into competing with Barbie.Yes in theory you could stand to make more from it but the chance for it to happen is almost non existent.
Of course I’m sure it is better for some girls from a business standpoint because most alt anything or anybody is broke ass and I’m sure mainstream porn at least pays girl enough to almost pay half the rent that month.
Again I’m just curious about why some girls make the change.

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My friend Aunia Kahn and her family need help

February 16, 2010 at 7:25 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

My friend Aunia Kahn who has been a friend,artist buddy and also the
designer behind the layout for my uglyart.net website is going through
a terrible time right now.Her brother recently took his own life on
V-day and her mother is struggling with cancer.They need help covering
the cost of funeral cost so please please if you can donate to them
please do so. Info and how to donate cane be found here
I’m going to try and make a doll or something and sell and donate all
the proceeds to her so y’all keep a eye out for it.

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