Happy Halloween Pic!

October 28, 2010 at 3:53 am (Alt Models, Alternative, Alternative models, deathrock, gothic art, Louisiana, Louisiana artist, model, modeling, models, photography, photos, punk rock, Riot Grrrl, subculture, ugly shyla, uglyshyla)

Happy Halloween! Retro Witch Shoot of me Ugly Shyla by dcbphotostudios.com/ here in Louisiana. halloween,witch,sexy,busty,curvy,broom,photo,picture,ugly shyla,uglyshyla,fetish,alt,model,blue hair,costume,moon,satanic,evil,red eyes,girls,woman


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Does one gain ANYTHING as a alt model to secure their future?

August 9, 2010 at 10:42 pm (Alt Models, Alternative, Alternative models, Louisiana artist, model, modeling, models, photography, photos, Random Thoughts, ranting, Riot Grrrl, ugly shyla, uglyshyla) (, , , , , , , , , )

Hey Models I have a question.Most of
you are in your mid twenties,are pushing 30 or are like me and ARE 30.Now I want to know how how much many of these adorers,stalkers and fans that we all talk to and try and help and just give general attention to have put into OUR BANK ACCOUNT?How much have they given us all that we will have to fall back on when modeling is no longer a option?This is why most of this is fairy glamour or as I call it bullshit we just try our best to exploit.And if ANY of you give me shit for daring to say this I will personally drive to where you are and beat your lunch out you.I have art as my job first and foremost so I don’t even have to think about something to “fall back on” as modeling is just something I do for added publicity for my art.And actually thankful in the aspect that I’m not chosen as a model because I’m pretty or youthful looking.I have more of the sort of Diamanda Galas thing going on where people just use me as a model because I’m a weirdo.BUT I’m damn fucking tired of there being no 50/50 as a model or as somebody that is treated like a free freak show to people.Especially if you don’t do nudity,which doesn’t even pay enough to make anything worthwhile.100.00 for say 200 photos and you have to split the 100.00 with the photographer isn’t shit.And if you aren’t willing to lay and spread you get even less and I’m sorry but I think it’s bullshit.

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Doll Head ornaments and Wall hangings.

December 14, 2009 at 4:58 am (art, art dolls, artist, crafting, crafts, diy, doll making, dolls, fine art dolls, Louisiana, Louisiana artist) (, , , , )

You can find them all for sale on http://www.uglyart.net.The face wall hangings have a secret message scratched on the back that only the buyer will see.And each phrase on each head is different.I’m only making a limited edition of these so get them while you can.
The ornament can be used as a wall hanging or even worn as a pendant if you remove the black hanging wire and slip a chain through the loops.

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No Entry and other shots by Alas Vera.

April 8, 2009 at 6:47 pm (Alt Models, Alternative, Alternative models, fashion, gothic art, Louisiana artist, model, modeling, models, photography, photos, Riot Grrrl, subculture, ugly shyla, uglyshyla)

Model : Me/Ugly Shyla Photos by Alas Vera http://www.myspace.com/veraellen1
No Entry.No how,no way,Not even with the jaws of life.Not like anybody would WANT to get in there.LOL
Family Portrait of me with my work.
A few other shots
Hair,makeup and dress by me.

Ugly Shyla
Ugly Art Dolls Myspace
Execution Style Clothing Myspace
Ugly Art Dolls
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Szandora and I are CD/Album art.

January 17, 2008 at 10:09 pm (Alt Models, Alternative models, Louisiana artist, modeling, models, photography, punk rock, ugly shyla, uglyshyla) (, , )

Desolatevoid used the Loony Bin photos by Coy of myself and Szandora for their cd artwork.I think we are on the inside and back covers of the cd,I haven’t seen it yet so I’m not sure where we are at in there.
You can visit the Desolatevoid myspace here Desolatevoid Myspace and also get their cd Self Medicated Pyscho Therapy here http://www.cahrecords.com/,so go check them out and at least add them to your myspace and show them some support.
Ugly Shyla

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Run down on my San Fran trip.

October 12, 2007 at 11:26 pm (Alt Models, Alternative models, Louisiana, Louisiana artist, ugly shyla, uglyshyla) (, , , , , )

I took a trip down to San Fran to be in a art documentary that Steven Leyba is making.I was interviewed as a artist and was also in the one fictitious part as a assassin.Steven and is lovely lady friend Kalua who is also a fellow model.Before I got to San Fran Steven’s floor in his living room kind of sort of caught fire so I got to see the infamous burn mark,and Steven seems to be prone to catching things on fire.I guess it’s a Satanist thing. 😛
The next morning after I was in San Fran Szandora called me at like 6am to fuss me about not calling me and letting her know I was ok.Normally if somebody yells at me I just yell back.But I not only love her but I’m a little bit afraid of her.LOL I was also disoriented because it was so early in the day that I just kept saying “I’m sorry” like a little kid that has just run away from their mom with plans to join the Circus.HAHAHAH.You ain’t been fussed at till you have been fussed at by a Southern Girl.She even called Steven to fuss him for me not calling her.HAHAH.She shook me and Steven up so bad we sat and ate a whole box of cookies out of fear.HAHAHHAHA.Everybody remind me to never ever do anything top make Szandora mad EVER.LOL
While I was there Steven took me to the Sutro Bath Ruins to do my interview in the ruins.I had to forewarn Steven about putting me in direct sunlight while filming or photographing me because for some reason I white out the cam.I really don’t find myself that pale but you try and record me on film in the sun and I turn into Casper the unfriendly ghost.The freaking beach where the bath ruins are at is HUGE,the beach is really lovely too.Me and Steven though we would freaking die climbing up those stairs to get back up to the top.I’m surprised I made it walking up and down to where the ruins are,in Louisiana all the land is totally flat.And anytime I go up north from Louisiana to a area that has mountains and inclines,it’s like my flat little Cajun feet are made to climb that.LOL
We also went to where Anton Lavey’s black house used to be.It’s now a crappy condo that nobody seems to want to went.I have no idea why.I’m sure who ever rents it has to deal with their kid running up and saying “mommy,mommy I saw a see through bald man in a cape in my room”HAHA.
The majority of the time I was in San Fran me and Steven spent gossiping and filling in each other on the dirt we knew about everything and everybody.Steven grew up in the south so he enjoys the proper Sothern past time of gossiping and eating.
Him and I did a painting together while I was hanging out at his apt he showed me his method of painting.Kaula came to hang out and watch us paint and help me fend off Steven trying to paint outside of his line.We drew a line down a pic of me and each painted a side and Steven crossed the lines,Damn him he would never survive in kindergarten with that kind of behavior.
We also went to a art show his friend Kevin Evans was having with his work,he does really beautiful print work and paintings that are these free form images that are almost like looking into clouds but evil clouds,You kind of see these images in them that he didn’t even plan on putting in the image.
My friend Mallory,Travis and their friend Dusty came to hang out with us at the art show and came back to Steven’s house to see some of his paintings,It was soooooo awesome seeing them again.Hopefully next time I see them we will get to hang out for a couple of days.
The night before the film shoot I helped Steven do a little set dressing,he moved his studio into the living room,that way there would be more room to film in.
The day of the shoot I was actually good and got up early to get ready and dressed so I’d be ready when acting time started.Joel and Mark the guys filming the scene were uber uber nice.Mark also shot Unspeakable the Documentary on Steven,I was surprise when I met him because he’s this nice gay Jewish boy.What’s he’s doing hanging out with folks like Steven and me I have no idea.LOL
I met the other actresses *aside from Kaula* on the day of shooting.The other actresses were LaRain and Hollie Stevens who some of you might know from her adult film and modeling work.Both girls were super nice and I found out Hollie and I have mutual friends who do Clown Porn with her.Y’all are all gonna go look at porn anyway so go support Hollie’s work next time ya do,she’s a nice gal!
I was in the latter part of the scene,I would go into the other room every time I’d hear acting so I won’t even have my shadow show and screw up the scene.Cause I’m a professional damn it! But I’d pop out when I’d head cut to get a couple of shots of the scene with my cam,that way Steven could have some pic’s from the shoot.He couldn’t very well take his own pic’s tied up to a table.
The scene was that the girls Kalua,LaRain and Hollie all bust in and assault and attack him and then tie him to a table and continue to torment him.
I was in another part of the scene after he was tied to the table I half way finish killing him.I even got to carve my name into Steven’s arm in one of the scenes,and I’m not talking fake FX crap.I really carved my name into his arm with a scalpel.That proves Steven is crazy if he lets me near him with a scalpel.HAHA
Szandora was supposed to be the other killer in the scene with me,but wasn’t able to be in the film at all because of probs with her flight into San Fran.Now I will have to go to Vegas to go harass her.
Kaula took Szandora’s place in the film and did a great job,especially since it was her fist acting gig.She looks great on film too almost like Laura Dern in Blue Velvet.
Then next day Steven had a BBQ and Stephen Kasner and his clan the wife Rebecca, Madeline *who is one of the most pretty little girls I have seen in a long time* and even the German shepherd came over.It was awesome to get to meet them all.We had a blast with them and it was great to finally get to meet them in person.Stephen is one of my all time fave artist,you can check out some of his work at his myspace page.
The day after that I headed back home to the swamps.I had a great time getting to hang out with some of my all time fave artist and I really liked San Fran,it’s a really pretty place and will hopefully get to head back that way in the near future.
I’ll be posting pic’s from the trip soon.

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