Ugly Shyla

I’m a doll artist for a living and I also model because it helps to promote my dolls and art. I make morbid fine art dolls,And NO I DO NOT make dolls that look like Living Dead Dolls.I MAKE ART DOLLS!If you want to know what kind of dolls I make check out the link to my site below. I’m also a 3 legged cat owner,shock performance artist and gun owner.I know everybody and their gothic grandma,claims to be a “model” now a days,But I have had my pic taken,sometimes even by well known photographers.why the hell some of them take my pic I have no clue! Answers to the most of the common questions people ask me can be found here on my F.A.Q. Page on my site. Feel free to use my banner for your links pages.The URL to the banner link is My banner made by The Joker ***Get a Ugly Art Banner for your site,or myspace,Just cut and paste the HTML in the box to your page.


1 Comment

  1. malekith188 said,

    Refreshingly dismal and straight-to-point damn the World.
    And real 3-legged kitty? They’re good luck, you know.

    Your discourse cheered me up in an Addams Family way that works best for me. Misfits are the inheriters of a long tradition of genius and persecution. Face it–they hate us because we’re superior to them.

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