I cornored Little Fatty at the post office,read more

June 7, 2010 at 2:21 pm (Uncategorized)

I was at the post office mailing out doll mess.And I go to walk out the double doors out into the doors out the outside and who do I see but Little Fatty.I don’t know if Little Fatty saw me before hand or not.Let me give you a background on Little Fatty and that side of the family in general,they HATE being embarrassed in public.They would rather DIE then have that happen.I on the other hand have no fucking sense and don’t mind it a bit.Said reenactment will be typed as I said it.Bad grammar and all,because nothing is more funny then hearing a Cajun person be pissed off.Oh and please keep in Mind Little Fatty looks JUST like Jan Skylar from the Married News Team on Tim and Eric but when scared or angered she looks and acts like Casey Tatum.
I see Little Fatty from the back and say loud but not screaming *did I mention I live by the train tracks so I can be heard 10 blocks away without screaming?*
Anyhoo I see Fatty and say HEY WHY YOU HARASSING MY MAMA!.She tries to act like I’m not talking to her and proceeded to walk in front and turn her head to the side and is shoving her mouth to the side like nobody will see her lips move,and says “I never called your mother”.Mind you she’s even started her shit when other people are around.
I said “you DID call harass my mother and it best stop!”
She keeps walking and is further away so of course I must get louder and point and fling my hands around like all easily excitable Cajun people so everybody will KNOW I’m talking to her.
Fatty tells me “Y’all better stop harassing me or I will ***guess what kids???**** FILE CHARGESSSSSSSS!
I ask “Why you breaking into my buildings????”
At this point she is scrabbling for her keys to her car,I’m still by the doors so I have to get even louder,at this point there are at least 3 people looking at her like GAWD what did you do to make that thing like looks like a big blue jay holler at you???
At this point Fatty drives away and everybody is looking at her even harder because now they realize said big blue jay looking thing is angry because she broke into it’s nest.



  1. mike said,

    HEHEHEHEHEHE! Good deal, get that bitch!

  2. Satan John said,

    Go Shyla!! You should file charges. Breaking & entering is illegal; practicing Voodoo is not.

  3. Debi Cassady said,

    She sounds Horrific shyla-and I agree with SATAN JOHN that you should press charges on her for B&E. I hope you have many more times to embarrass her in public!

  4. kayeffjay said,

    I wish I had your gumption. I’ll stick a pin in my Mama Lola for you, hopefully Little Fatty will learn to leave y’all alone.

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