Xmas Wish List

December 25, 2008 at 12:12 am (Alt Models, Alternative, Alternative models, artist, genral post, ugly shyla, uglyshyla)

Xmas Wishlist
My X-mas wishlist http://www.wists.com/uglyshyla,kindness never goes unpunished so if you get me a gift make sure to include your return postal addy so I can send you a handmade wood block printed thank you card.
Addy the same addy also works for those of you who I usually swap Xmas cards with.
PO BOX 439

Things I like:
doll related anything,antique dolls,books especially ones on religion,art,occult,pinups or dolls.Christian art,Padre Pio,Mother of Sorrow,African art and jewelry,things relating to voodoo or Santeria,Spiders,unusual rosary’s,magazine subscription*especially for art,fashion or doll making mags*,black and white cat related things,tailess/pixiebob cat related things, art and indie films,vintage pinup related things.Oh and I’d also like a nice pen like this one http://www.dickblick.com/zz208/16/ because trying to use a dip one while cats are jumping around just don’t cut it.LOL


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