Casual Sex?Hell I don’t even believe in casual kindness.

November 9, 2008 at 12:24 am (genral post) (, , )

Let me climb right up on my good o’l comfy Ivory tower before I begin to preach.
I’m sureeee this post will piss allot of people off and good for the,getting the oil blood going is good for ya.LoL I never could see the allure of casual sex?Hell I don’t like having to take part in casual kindness or hell even being civil with people.
So the thought of a stranger or even somebody I know of know touching all over me in my most intimate areas grosses me out.I just have no desire to ever try casual sex.Maybe it’s because I’m a woman and we tend to me more emotional creatures I don’t know.
I’m just not into the whooooo whooooo lets see who can be the most drunk and slutty and do the most stupid crap and maybe have the digest # of gross men stick things in our warm holes.Knowing that they are just that,nothing more and nothing less then a warm hole to be used for a few min.



  1. VJESCI said,

    “knowing that they are just…”

  2. twinkyofalla said,

    It depends on the person. Some enjoy doing casual sex, some do not. It just depends on the person’s choices.

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