Keep kicking against the pricks.

August 10, 2008 at 5:38 am (artist, ugly shyla, uglyshyla) (, )

Fuck being pretty,fuck being popular,fuck being the flavor of the month,fuck making people comfortable,fuck fitting in,nobody remembers that stuff when you die.Art is a way of saying “I was here”.
Don’t get my wrong my art is totally for myself.
But there is something comforting in the fact that if I went and locked myself in a cave somewhere and just made art for the rest of my life,that eventually somebody would happen upon it long after I’m gone and what I had to say would live on.
I think like most artist I have trouble expressing myself verbally in a way,at least one on one with people.I have trouble verbalizing my feelings in a direct way,I’m sad,I’m angry,I’m upset.At least it feels that way or when you say things directly like that it feels “flat”.
It’s so much more easy to show to someone the point you are trying to get across,in some ways it feel more pure that way.Like I’m channeling it not saying to small words to get it across.
Being a artist is akin to being a evangelist or a priest,and like most religious figures we live on the kindness of strangers to support what we do.Buying someone’s art is in effect making a donation to help them spread their gospel.Usually the gospels are referred to as the “good news” and preachers say they are “spreading the good news” anybody who has read the bible knows it’s got some nice Sunday school sort of points and also some dark really frightening points.
Artist for centuries have also been viewed as magical people akin to priest and shaman.We are alchemist that can create our own reality and that scares the shit out of people,even so called modern man.
When I cease to exist hopefully my tiny humble contribution to the arts will live on and continue to encourage people to fight on,to ask,seek and knock.
Never ever let anybody make you feel lower then them if you have a message,that alone shows you ARE SOMEBODY.
How wants to be remembered as “the pretty girl” or the most sexy,the most popular or the person that made other people feel numb and safe.I know I sure as hell don’t want to be remembered that way.
Vain memories are fleeting,art and a true message is eternal.


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