One of my fave Occult/Spell/Ritual sites.

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People tend to write me often about ritual or even spiritual advice,why I have no clue I’m a insane people with not a lick of common sense,much less would I ask me for spiritual advice if I was somebody else.LOL
But anyhoo people ask about ritual and spell info and one of the main sites I always send them to is it’s mainly on the southern occult traditions on things like Voodoo,Hoodoo and Santeria *which is what I practice*,but they also have allot of interesting info on other traditions.
They have list of spells,amulets what candle colors and incense to use for just about any ritual you can think of.
So if you are looking for info on rituals or on general occulty things pay the site a visit.
Ugly Shyla
Ugly Art Dolls Myspace
Execution Style Clothing Myspace
Ugly Art Dolls


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