Friday 13th Haircut

June 17, 2008 at 7:42 am (Alt Models, artist, dolls, ugly shyla, uglyshyla) ()

I actually had a pretty good Friday the 13th.I went and had my hair cut.I was starting to look like Cousin It and not to mention I live in sweltering Louisiana,where super long hair makes it extra hot for the summer.
Lori of Salon EV in Lafayette,La did the haircut for me.She’s a lovely talented Gal,so add her on myspace and support a fellow DIY business gal!
I also spent my Friday the 13th hanging out with Miss Megan *who took the photo of me,with the new haircut,the necklace in the pic courtesy of Lulu’s Shop
I also visited with Cootie Von Ghoul and her fellow.Me and Miss Cootie are eventual going to do a shoot together with Miss Megan.
Pic of the new haircut.P.S.before people mail me and ask there isn’t a smuge or something on my boob,that is my birthmark.For a change it’s NOT dirt on me.LOL


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