Note Taking.

April 13, 2008 at 7:27 am (Alt Models, Alternative models, artist, ugly shyla, uglyshyla)

I’m trying to kick myself in the pants and work on my site a bit.For as egotistical as I’m sure I come off sometimes I have to kick myself in the pants to work on my personal site.Because I’m just not that excited to stare at myself for hours on end and type in drivel about myself.I have no prob running my mouth about my opinions on things,but I really don’t like talking about myself,cause I just don’t find myself all that damn interesting.
God where does all the time go,It seems like I’m always spreading myself thin but I guess I do it so much I don’t get anything done one at a time.Even when I log on to the computer I see messages and e-mail from friends I really adore the hell out of which say a few years ago I spend hours just shooting the bull with so to speak,and I have to leave the messages in my in box and almost make a appointment with myself to at least get the time to reply back to them.I think I’m to blame for not having much of any off time because I always find myself something to do.When you work for yourself you almost have to be that way or you don’t get to have luxuries like food money for yourself.
I realized today just how much I make notes on things.Not just notes but notebooks,scrapbooks,diagrams,color and fabric swatches for doll work and fashion stuff ect.Just the scrap/note books I have and continue to keep notes in is sort of crazy.
I have one beside my bed that I sketch dream imagery in,
5 in the Altar room,
One for art sketches.
One for just art type reference of photos I take out of anything I come across of stuff I need for reference.
One for fashion photo references and sketches.
One to keep all of the loose sketches,small paintings doodles in for my mother,because she likes keeping things I make,even doodles.I tell her I know it’s just because if I die before her and my art becomes really collectable she will sell them one by one.LOL
One a list of rituals and occult stuff I need to keep track of.
That is just the note/scrap book things.This is NOT counting the likely hundreds of notes or doodles scattered about the house,car,purse.And it’s not like to do list,or list of things to shop for,these are what I call crazy people notes,of dream imagery,art work doodles,interesting bible quotes,torn out photos of Jesus or things like say a Frog.
I have always just assumed it was like a “crazy people thing” to keep so many notes about things,allot of totally mental people just keep note books to obsessive over things in,or huge volumes of crazy people doodles.
I realized why I do this now,I do it because I know there is a likelihood I will become totally insane one day,and I will lose my mind.The notes are there to keep things,so others can see what I have lost.


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