March 30, 2008 at 7:12 am (ugly shyla, uglyshyla) (, , )

After making the maxi pad banner for my site,I realized what a obsession I have with menstruation.I go so far as to collect unusual things having to do with menstruation and also books on the subject.
I think I realized why I have such a fascination with it.It’s sort of like when you see something really horrible and you just feel the need to make somebody else look at it.We all have that inborn need that when we see,hear or even smell something utterly repulsive that we have to make somebody else share in it.
I’m more or less a tomboy,so the fact that my body is female makes me slightly horrified in a way.
For those of you who are male,trust me there is NOTHING more socking and upsetting to wake up one day and see that you are bleeding from your reproductive organs,and not only are you bleeding from “down there” you are also hurting and just a emotional wreck even if bleeding in your pants wasn’t upsetting enough.
Think of the shock and awe you had when you sported your first chest hair,that in itself is frightening but waking up one day to feel like your pelvis was run over by a car,and finding your body is doing something it usually only does if you are dying is pretty damn scary.
After that you realize that you will feel that way once a month till you are likely about 50 or 60 years old.Even as a adult it’s like knowing once a month you will be hit by a slow moving car.
Women have been having periods since the first women lived on Earth.Yet it’s such a upsetting thing to deal with in a way that even thousand of years later we are still *both male and female* freaked out by it.
The human brain is just hardwired to freak out if you see any part of your body bleeding,and even if you happen to be female and it’s supposed to do that it still I think sends a little twinge of shock to your brain.
It’s just something you are programmed to be upset by,even if you are a girl that is brought up with a mom that is open about these things and warns you ahead of time what to expect.Look at girls that are even raised by say Wiccan/Hippy type parents that want to make their first periods about a celebration of becoming a woman,the young girl will STILL normally think OMG what is happening,I’m hurting the bleeding “down there”.They usually are also still mortified that their parents want to call attention to that.
So in short having a period for me is like seeing a dead body in the woods or something,if I have to be scared for life by seeing it,so do all of y’all.


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