Fear Fest Rundown

March 18, 2008 at 6:06 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

I had a great time at Fear Fest in Dallas,as always my mother came with me to work the booth AKA dig around for stuff to buy and check out at the event while I yell at her to come help me run the booth.LOL.The Bugbee’s of a Year At The Wheel *Shane and Amy* came and shared my booth with me and stayed with us,in our no ice box having,crappy A/C system overpriced hotel.They dog Cheyenne and Myrtle the turtle also stayed in the room with us.At one point I thought Myrtle was dead till I realized she sleeps with her head under water.LOL.We even took Myrtle down to the vending area and were letting her run around on the table with the dolls and books.
Unfortunately they vendors weren’t linked on the Fear Fest website or even in the event program *which was kind of crappy because EVERY other event I have ever done does that as just a courtesy*,so I didn’t know ahead of time some of my friends I know from vending different events would be there hocking their stuff too like Kristoff of Horror Merch and Drink With The Living Dead,I ran into some of my vending buddies when me and Amy when to look for Shane because we thought he may have roamed off and tried to fist fight somebody.HAHA
All weekend we were lucky enough to have a booth next to The Hare Krishna Zombie from Dawn Of The Dead he was so awesome and nice and what is cooler then a guy who played a Hare Krishna Zombie in Dawn of the Dead???NOTHING that’s what!He also hung out with us for most of the convention,Satan bless him for putting up with our crazy antics.
I also saw some of the Dallas peeps I know like Dye Decay *who has a bun in the oven! I kept patting her belly and then I told her “Oh God I hope the baby isn’t born with a tail now because of me touching it!”LOL
Jennifer and her friend Rosanna came by the booth to visit and we talked about Anaconda skins,ok that sounds dirty but we were talking about REAL anaconda’s so get those damn dirty thoughts out of y’all heads.
Mr Bang also came and hung out with us for most of the weekend,he’s a really sweet fellow.He came by my booth to say HI and to chat so I invited him behind the booth because there is where folks get in on all the bitchy fun we all have being mean to people we don’t like at events,I also Kristoff of Horror Merch come behind the booth to get filled in on the daily gossip.For some reason behind the booth is like the VIP area and where much gossip and mischief is spread.
A couple of times during the event Shane Bugbee ran up and confronted a couple of people he doesn’t like with his camera in tow and filming.That was pretty funny seeing him just run up to folks like Geraldo.LOL
Off duty at the event we all hung out with my friend Satat who is one of the smartest people I have met in a longggg time.She also showed me some of her art in person.Her work is just amazing and I’m trying to kick her in the pants to get it out there more.Her doodles are allot better the even the fine art stuff you see in most alt galleries.She’s really good.
On the last day of the event I twisted Amy Bugbee’s arm into doing a catfight photoshoot with me and Mike Wilshin was nice enough to do the shoot of us on short notice.Amy had never done any alt modeling before,and she’s a lovely gal so I talked her into it.I think she was wary of anything I was touting as a good idea at first.LOL.But once she got to pretend to claw my eyes out and choke me I think she had fun.HAH
All in all I had allot of fun,I always have a good time when I go to Dallas,it’s one of the few places I look forward to visiting.I got to hang out with some old friends and also make new friends and I’m sure enemies,so everybody go check out the folks I have linked in my post and add them because they are all awesome folks.


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