A Year At The Wheel

March 4, 2008 at 7:36 am (ugly shyla, uglyshyla) ()

Over the weekend the Bugbee’s made a stop in my neck of the woods because they are doing a documentary A Year At The Wheel and wanted to talk to me a bit on cam for it.
We *Mum and I* all met up at our uber glamours meeting place of a Burger King parking lot to plan on where to go from there,they even have their pet dog Cheyenne and Myrtle the Turtle.
From the very start the Bugbee’s were super nice and gracious folks,even the turtle and dog are nice.LOL
We were going to take them out to a Cajun restaurant but it didn’t open till 5pm,so we figured we’d do the interview first and get that out of the way then eat.We went to a local cemetery that is small but has a few cool graves to film there,it’s was a nice spot also because that way the doggy and turtle could stretch their legs some more after being on the road for hours.After finding a shaded spot to put my pasty self so I wouldn’t white out the cam we did the interview,with Shane asking me questions about what I think of the state of the nation and about art ect.I’m sure I was wonderfully twitchy and shifty eyed for him, I get freaked out if I’m filmed for something like a documentary because of it always being in the back of my mind to not look into the cam,which is mainly only for fiction acting,not real life stuff like a documentary.But I still get all shifty eyed because #1 I’m naturally shifty eyed,cause I’m naturally a criminal.LOL.And 2 because of thinking about should I look in the cam,which you really want to do during things like say a news interview or a documentary because unlike fiction acting the person behind the cam is asking you questions,and that makes you naturally want to look them in the eye when they do that.
Other then my natural shifty-eyedness I think it went well.
While me and Shane did the interview,Amy,the doggy,turtle and my mom hung out.
The Bugbee’s were headed to Austin after hanging out with me and Mum so they were thinking about skipping dinner and just heading straight out,which I couldn’t let them go away without feeding them because then I’d have my southern Louisiana residency revoked.LOL
Since the Cajun restaurant still wasn’t open,and we figured they were sick of Cajun food from being in NOLA for like 3 weeks we took them out for Mexican food.
We had a great time just hanging out and chowing down at the restaurant.We talked about everything from 20 foot Jesus,to serial killers.
The Bugbee’s are such awesome and down to earth folks.
If you have never heard of them you can find out a little bit of info on their bio here,needless to say they have lead a very interesting life so far.
What they are trying to do with their Year At The Wheel project is a wonderful and important thing,they are trying to document reality and wanting to know just what is the American Dream if most people are only one paycheck from losing everything?And if this is the downfall of man, the crumbling of our society or the start of a brave new world – why not document it for future generations to learn from.
They are trying to actually create important art,not the drivel bullshit that seems to pass for “art” and “journalism” these days.
They are down to earth arts folk just like myself,and they need support in what they are doing,from sponsorship to just spreading the word and getting involved with their project.You can even help out by getting them to do things from wearing your company or band t-shirts on camera for $50,buying them dinner or just helping out for free by spreading the word about their project. You can find info on how to help here http://ayearatthewheel.com/?page_id=7.
So please check out their website http://ayearatthewheel.com/ and myspace and support their project by at least adding them to your myspace and giving them words of encouragement!
This weekend March 7-9th they will be hanging out at my booth at Tx Fear Fest in Dallas,TX,so if you come by my booth make sure to tell them HI :).
Ugly Shyla
*Disgusting Shameless Self Promotion*

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