Archives of Cajun and Creole Folklore

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The Louisiana Digital Folklore Archive houses all collections of the Center for Louisiana Studies. Included are the Archives of Cajun and Creole Folklore (the largest), which has evolved to become the premier oral history and recorded music collection in Southwest Louisiana. Originating in 1974, it is the most comprehensive repository of recorded and transcribed materials on French in Louisiana, the Upper Mississippi River Valley, French Canada, the West Indies, and Africa. The Archive represents the collection and preservation activities of several generations of folklorists, ethnomusicologists, linguists, and other cultural resource management professionals.
I think it’s wonderful what they are doing to help preserve our Cajun and Creole culture,so please check them out and add them.If you have never heard our native Cajun and Creole music they have some on there.Normally when people think of Louisiana culture they think of New Orleans culture,when in fact that is just one aspect of Louisiana culture,and the culture of my area is totally different from the NOLA type culture,and I think it’s wonderful somebody is doing something to show people that culture,when it’s sadly slowly dying off.Hardly anymore under the age of 70 speaks French anymore and allot of the younger generation don’t know much about Cajun and Creole history.
You can visit their myspace by clicking the pic


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