Widows Mite.

December 28, 2007 at 12:38 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

Lately one thing I have been fascinated with and have been exploring with my art work is Widowhood.
I think it’s something that is really overlooked by our society and is something that people don’t understand how deeply it affects people,especially women.
I know down south especially women are so dependant on their husbands in so many ways that when they lose them it’s a life shattering thing for them.
What started me thinking about it was that after my grandmother passed away this year a family member told me that not long before that she kept saying she was so lonely for “Jiggs” my grandfather’s nick name,and that she was ready to go meet him.
My grandfather was a drinker and wasn’t the nicest person to her in allot of ways,but I guess she really loved him and I guess when people pass away unless they are total waste of flesh we only remember the good things.
In some ways it’s not just death that makes a woman a widow things like drug addiction,war,sickness especially things like Alzheimer’s and even mental illness on the part of one’s partner can in a way make one a widow.
We have all lost somebody we are close to,and I think because of that we all in a way can understand a widows pain,but allot of people don’t acknowledge it.
In the case of older women I think people give them less thought and sympathy then they really should.I’m assuming it’s because people just chalk it up to the fact both spouses are older and death of one before the other is to be expected.
But think about it,allot of these couples have been together for many many years,I can’t imagine how it must feel for a 80 year old person to lose somebody their have spent their entire lives with,grown up with in some cases even the only person they have ever been intimate with,it has to be gut wrenching.Like I said the sad thing is I don’t think people really grasp how shocking it must be to that person to lose their loved one and now realize they are all alone in the world.


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