New Kitty

November 9, 2007 at 6:37 am (pets) (, , , )

Since Scooter passed away I got a new kitty so I wouldn’t get to sad not having Scooter around,even though I have other house cats Scooter was such a huge part of my life I had to have something to fuss over.
So I got this new kitty his name is Manxy.I adopted from my friend Gary who takes in strays.Manxy and his brothers were found in the dumpster of Superfood a local grocery store here in the hood.Somebody had dumped them in there to die so Gary and his wife took them in and bottle fed them.They have to be Manx’s or Pixi Bob’s because as you can see in the pic’s Manxy has a tail like a bunny rabbit.One of his brothers had half a tail and the other one had all his tail.
I think it was fate I got Manxy,I always said if Scooter passed away I wanted another disabled cat or one missing a limb or something because I know how to care for one,and plus they really don’t have a chance because nobody else wants to adopt a “broken” cat.
The day Scooter passed away my mother told me I should try and get another cat that day,because I was so torn up over Scooter’s passing.
We called my friend Gary and asked if he had any special needs or the like cat’s and he’s like “Just so happends I have some with no tails”.I mean what is the chance of that happening.LOL
I’m really glad I adopted him he’s a great little cat and doesn’t allow me to get sad,or even have a quiet moment.He’s a great little kitty.



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