New Full Vlack Doll

May 27, 2007 at 6:32 pm (art dolls, artist, doll making, dolls, ugly shyla, uglyshyla)

A full body Vlack doll based on the Vlack head repaints I used to do.A all original sculpt I sculpted,and made my own plaster molds of to reproduce them in Porcelain,which is what the one in the pic is made out of and it has a cloth body.It’s about 16 inches and his new home will be in Canada.I poured some more heads from the molds and I’m waiting for them to dry totally,so I can fire them and make some more of them.

The original Vlack dolls I did were repainted doll heads from thrift store dolls that I did for fun,but I’m trying to totally get away from repaints and do nothing but original fine art work.Everybody and their brother does repainted dolls now,but not everybody does original stuff they have hand sculpted made their own molds of ect.And hardly anybody in the Morbid Doll scene even knows what a kiln looks like much less how to make a doll from clay,china paint it or glaze it and fire it in a kiln.I have always done hand sculpted from scratch work,but I’d also do repaints on the side for fun and to use up some of the cool fabric’s ect I had left over from the more fancy stuff.But I got a wild hair or is it hare to just start doing all original stuff,why do stuff for fun when you are torture yourself for art and make stuff from scratch that is all original that nobody appreciates.LOL

Please excuse my awful pic’s.I’m still working on my photography skills,which I’m starting to do ok with is I make it a big elaborate thing where I make a little set for the doll to be in ect,but to just get a quick decent looking snapshot of the doll,I’m just AWFUL at it.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


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