Bustout/NOLA trip

April 29, 2007 at 7:36 am (Uncategorized)

I did something I haven’t done in ages.I actually went out and had fun πŸ˜›
Mum and I went to NOLA * which is about 3 hours from us* to go to the Bustout Burlesque show and to go visit our friends Mark aka Bellanothing and Shawn and also so we could finally meet Shawn’s girlfriend Amanda.
My mother wanted to go visit our friends but actually ended up enjoying the burlesque show too.
Mark and I had kind of lost touch for a bit,because I had a falling out with some people close to him.But after he moved back to NOLA we both kind of did the peek your head out of a hole and say “ya know I’m not mad at you”,”well I’m not mad at your either” thing.LOL.I think because of the drama between me and some other people him and I just assumed neither liked the other anymore,and neither of us actually had hard feeling towards each other.I wish we would have figured that out sooner πŸ˜›
Mark is just as tall and skinny and pretty as he was last time I saw him.That lucky ass has one of those tall skinny supermodel type bodies.
I also hadn’t seen Shawn since the Lavey wedding and he’s also living in sweaty Louisiana too now.
Mum,Mark and I all went traipsing around NOLA looking around in the antique stores and Mark has to deal with me trying to feed him ever 5 min so he’d fit in with the native Louisiana people.LOL
Then we went and pestered Shawn a bit more and met his new gal Amanda,who is sooooo nice and is even all into animal rescue ect,she’s really great and is great for Shawn.
After that we headed out to watch ladies dance around in their underpants at the Bustout Burlesque show.
It was held at this swanky bar La Chat Noir,99% of the crowd was upper class people in their 50’s and a few of these awesome really old men that you could tell were dripping with old money that were there looking at the dancers reliving their wild younger days of the first go around of Burlesque.Even though most of the crowd were totally different then all of us everybody was actually really cool and nice.
The fellow that runs the troupe Rick I met on myspace and came up and chatted with us for a bit before the show.He was really gracious and nice.
They opened the doors for everybody to get into the show and there was this one old man with a walker.The min that door opened he cocked his walker up on it’s wheels and shot into the stage area like a damn grayed haired rocket.LOL
The show was really lovely and they even had a original NOLA burlesque dancer on stage telling jokes ect.
The dancers were really professional and talented.I’m so used to most “burlesque” shows being half drunk goth girls,that don’t even know what burlesque is just copying off Dita Von Tease and calling it a “burlesque act” or worse 2 bit goth strippers basically stripping and scaring you with their badly done implants in their “burlesque act”.
Which is also why my mother was hemming and hawing because when I told her we should check out this burlesque show in NOLA.She was pleasantly surprised because it was actually a well choreographed show with professionally made costumes and classy dancers just like the old acts did.
Mark even had a good time,I caught him smiling and laughing,but don’t tell anybody because that will ruin his NOLA goth boy cred.LOL
After the show we were outside while Mark was smoking and talked to Rick a bit more,and he told me one of the dancers Kitty West wanted to meet me because she recognized me from myspace.
I went upstairs to go meet her,she’s a cute little thing and very very nice and all the other girls backstage were also.Which kind of confused me because they were actually friendly.LOL.I’m so used to talking to people when I go out and about out of state and they have totally diva attitudes.I think I forgot I was still in my home state when people actually speak to one another.:P
From there we went to go visit Shawn and Amanda,we all hung out for several hours and talked about everything from tattoos,to Gary Busey and cockfighting.LOL
I was so happy to see Shawn again,because he’s one of those people that is like my long lost insane brother.
Then after all that I forced Mark to eat yet again.I’m sure he gained a few pounds from me being in NOLA for just a few hours and we dropped him off and headed home.
We had soooooo much fun,I plan on heading back to NOLA next month,so hopefully we can do it all again πŸ™‚


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