The difference in doll categories.

April 3, 2007 at 8:26 am (art dolls, doll making, dolls, fine art dolls, gothic dolls)

Allot of people don’t realize that there is so many varied categories in dolls and doll art.Just in the little niche that My Ugly Art Dolls fall into alone have allot of different categories alone.People don’t understand that there is a large difference in things like art dolls as opposed to toys ect.
Lets start with the types of dolls I make.I call what I do Morbid Fine Art Dolls,I just tag on the word morbid because my work is of a darker nature and this easily conveys that without sounding kitschy or like horror toys.
Art or Fine Art Dolls:
Art dolls or Artist Dolls are normally hand made,all originals sculptures that are or not mounted on a base.These dolls are not meant to be played with and are not for children,they are also normally in the higher in price range.The higher price range reflects that fact that allot of work and money went into making the doll.If the doll is a one of a kind a true one of a kinds meaning the artist will never every make something like it again,and did not make a mold from the doll or make the doll from a mold.This is just the same as with a original,one of a kind painting or sculpture and a art doll can run into the thousand’s of dollars just like a original painting by a well known painter.The normal price range for a art dolls is from about 300.00 to into the thousands.Allot of times they can be fragile and can convey some intense emotions or grown up themes.That doesn’t just go for art dolls like I make but for art dolls in general.
Some good examples of art dolls or art doll artist are some of the dolls and artist
National Institute of American Doll Artist

There are also
Horror Dolls:
Horror dolls are normally dolls that have horror movie type themes,things like spooky bunnies,nurses,brides,babies,vampires or monster looking dolls.They have a sort of tongue in cheek scariness to them.The vast majority of the time they are what is called a “repaint” a ready made traditional type doll that has been bought at a store and then revamped to look with paint,by breaking,using epoxy or such to make wounds ect.Most of the time if the a horror toy is wearing clothing it’s clothing that the doll came with that has also been spookied up with paint,gray dye or fake blood.Unlike art dolls they are not one of a kind or even hand sculpted and the clothing isn’t hand made either.Since they are normally hand made one by one,even if they are made from a ready made purchased doll they can be billed as “one of a kind” because something made or even repainted by a human hand can’t be duplicated exactly.
One thing I dislike about some horror doll makers is that they try and get a bit tricky with wording to not fully admit that they have basically bought a doll at Goodwill or some cheap porcelain doll off of Ebay and dip dyed the dolls clothes and splashed some spray paint on the doll.They will say the doll is a artist doll or designer doll,when the case is that it IS a artist or designer doll but the person spooking up the doll is NOT the artist of the original doll,doll parts and clothing.I think that is a little deceptive on their part,especially because it confuses collectors and they may be willing to pay a art doll’s price for what is a repaint.But there are Horror doll artist like Bastet2329 or Autopsy Babies that will explain that they collect broken,discarded or unwanted dolls and give them new life.
The price range of these type of dolls are a little bit lower then art dolls because of the fact they are less work and the artist allot of times has no problem if you want a doll made similar to a previous one they have made.The price range for this type of doll is between 35.00 to 150.00.
Things like Autopsy Babies are perfect examples of a horror doll.

And Horror Toys:
Horror toys are like the horror dolls and have kitschy horror themes,but they are things that are mass produced by toy companies.They can be designed off the artist original toy or off of a artist repaint of a ready made doll.They are produced in masses or in limited editions,but the limited editions can number into the thousands or even millions.They are made from plastic so you could in theory give them to a child to play with.The price rand can run from 15.00 to 35.00.Because of the materials,production values and the number they are produced in,they are basically the bastard brothers and sisters to things like Beanie Babies,GI Joe and Barbie dolls.
Living Dead Dolls and
McFarlane Toys

I hope all of this has helped to clear up some of the confusion that people have about the difference between Art Dolls vs. Toys.
Ugly Shyla

(c) 2007


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