Hurricane Rita Dreams.

April 1, 2007 at 8:37 am (Uncategorized)

God happy April Fools to me.I was sooooo tired today.I had another stupid hurricane dream/nightmare again that woke me up at like 9am.The new ones I keep having are I’m on a train.It always seems like the end of the world happened and I’m sometime alone or sometimes with other people and we are always on these trail cars,sometimes they are all connected like a normal train and sometimes it’s just one car.I never know where I am just that I’m traveling the hell out of Louisiana because it’s right after the storm *hurricane Rita is the hurricane that hit my area,we weren’t affected at all but Katrina* and there is nothing left.Normally there are all sort of perils on the trail ride I have to avoid.This time the train car was filled with water and Electric Eels that I’d have to be careful to not let bite me or they would overcome and attack me.Then the train car dried out and I shoved all the dried out Eels out.

Then I got in another train car,I realized that it was one that the government was transporting these rubber body parts in.They all looked like soldiers or something like it was “skin” for robots or something.I knew I’d be in trouble if I got caught in there,and I heard somebody coming, so I started trying to find a way out but all the walls were layers and layers of rubber.I found a rubber window and realized if I kept trying to rip through it there was a open space in the back of it and maybe I could get out of there.I finally busted through the rubber window and I realized I was between the walls but could also get under the floor.I crawled under the floor and finally busted out of the side of the train car and fell out.

After that I had to lay really close to the ground so I wouldn’t get run over by the other train cars,I also had to avoid some wooden block things that kept falling on and hurting people.

The I got back on another train car and rode for a bit longer and finally started to see some civilization and somebody told me they thought we were in North Carolina or Memphis but there weren’t sure.

Shortly after that I woke up.

It’s so weird how things can affect you.I guess way in the back of my mind my brain remember riding out the storm in out in the country,having to worry for almost 3 days straight if you will live or die,or even after the storm if everybody will go nuts and people will be trying to break into where you are staying and you will have to fight for your life in that aspect also.

The day the storm FINALLY stopped we packed up the pets and what all we could fit in the car and had to drive all the way to Dallas before we could find a hotel to stay in till things got back to normal here.There was no gas,everything was sort of deserted and messed up and it was just strange.

I remember feeling like something from Beyond The Thunderdome when we were on that long drive just trying to get the heck away from all the destruction and get to some civilization .

I guess my mind stays so busy during the day that when I finally pass out asleep my mind lets all that surface and I start dreaming of Eels and train cars.LOL.I think I dreamt about the Eels because I saw some on TV a few days ago and it made me really hungry for Eel sushi and I guess it was the Eels revenge on me.Plus I live next to the train tracks *yes I live on the WRONG side of the tracks* and I guess I hear it when it passes and that just got all mixed in.LOL

Just what I need something to stress out my already severely crazy brain ever more.LOL.All the crazy things I have been through in the past have always later on down the road been proven to have happened for a good reason or is something that I will need to draw from in the future,so I’m sure this is the same thing.But it’s still annoying to have it wake me up at 9am!

In happier news though,I saw Mr Turtle today,that turtle I brought home that I found on the road!All you kind of get to see is his little Turtle head sticking up then he scurries underwater when he sees you looking at him.


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