Shoot with Greg Heine.

March 5, 2007 at 7:41 am (Alt Models, Alternative models, ugly shyla, uglyshyla, Uncategorized)

I did a shoot today with Greg Heine *greg is the one that took the pic of me in the white dress with the atomic TV,as usual there was no traditional photo shoot fluffry *is that even a word?No it’s not,but I don’t care*.Thankfully Greg hates fluffry and clichéd crap as much as I do.Instead we went out in a field populated by cows,snakes and at times Gators because there is a pond back there.I crawled into a trash pile/blackberry thicket,pile of limbs and probably a snake nest.I laid on a dirty mattress,got half buried in a hole,dropped dirt on my face and inadvertently ate some of it.As my Grandma used to say “That’s just vitamins”.
Greg has high tech equipment like “a poking stick” aka a dirty twig off the ground to shove the thorn bushes out of my hair while I was crawling around in the thicket in my Loretta Lynn looking dress.Cause Lord forbid I mess up my Loretta Lynn dress,what the hell would I wear to church then!LOL
Greg is always allot of fun to work with because he’s got a great sense of humor.I have a weird sense of humor which I think is a little off putting to some people at times,but Greg is just as bad as me in that department so we always work together fine.
My Mother and my Cousin’s wife Brooke *who also has the most awesome pet bunny Sophie,and always lets me play with it.YAY BUNNIES* came along to hang out and also to run interference in case we got snake bitten or charged by cows.HAHAH.Neither of which happened but me and Greg both probably got chiggers and thorns and there is that whole thing of me getting dirt in my mouth.
We shot for a few hours and before Greg went home I figured we’d all go get something to eat since he had a long drive home.Being the classy ass lady I am.I did not wash up after crawling in dirt,getting it in my hair ect.I changed back into my ugly housedress I made out of my thrift store finery and just put a kerchief over my head to cover up the dirt CLODS I had in my hair.I scrubbed off some of the hundred pounds of shooting makeup I had on with a napkin I had in the car and clean the dirt out my mouth by just swishing water in my mouth and spitting it out.Cause I’m a professional model and I’m all fancy and stuff.
Greg also got to witness how much of a fancy model I am by watching me eat 2 giant plates of food with my dirt encrusted mouth,all the while listening to me and my mother talk about UFO’s and gown the Gov is out to get all of Louisiana.LOL
Before he and I got to shooting today,he showed me this cool shadow box he made of one of the photos he took of me,he’s also going to do a couple more shadow boxes with some of his other models photos.I told him he needs to post them online so I can show everybody,they are really freaking cool and well made.
You can check out some of his work on his myspace at


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