Life is Short

February 3, 2007 at 9:20 am (Uncategorized)

It’s 4am and my hair smells like Clorox from me cleaning all day.I’m tired and want to go to bed,but I can’t because I just drank a whole bottle of water and I know I’ll just be falling asleep and will need to pee.
I was thinking today about how so many people both young and old that I know that are secretly miserable.
From people that hate their jobs,the are secretly abused and even beaten by their spouses,that are suffering from their own self imposed limitations,that are crippling themselves,that want to run away and I could just go on and on.
To use some country grammar,if I never teach you kids nothing,it’ll teach y’all to say the hell with it and get the hell out of there while you still can.
There is no reason to be miserable,and believe me I knowwwwwwww it’s so much more easy said then done.But everything starts with just trying.It never hurts to try something.Even if you mess up or fall on your face,at least you can say you tried.Which is a hell of allot more then allot of people can say.
I guess some of my outlook comes from my blood line.My grandfather’s *on my Mom’s side* hopped a train when he wasn’t even a teenage yet,because his daddy used to beat him with a bullwhip.One day a got enough hopped on a train *not bought a ticket,literally hopped on a train* and never looked back.
If you are in a bad or unhappy situation,get out of there while you still have your sanity and will to live.But if you say in a bad situation it will rob you of those things,which are the last things I think a human can be robbed of.The only way you can be made to be unhappy is by letting other people do it to you.You have to learn to refuse to let them inflect their own hang ups on you.
If it’s a person or a job that is making you miserable,start slowly hording what you need and when no one is looking just GO.Go and don’t look back.
Life is very short,and is over before you know it.And I really honestly think that a huge part of our spiritual growth is about just having a damn backbone and just doing SOMETHING.
Just think about the fact that if there is a afterlife and I’m certain there is,and you get to review your life and you see that all along,you could have been happy if you just put one step in front of the other and got off your butt and refused to let people or things make you unhappy.
That to me would be worse then hell.
I think at times we are put in bad situations to learn something,even if it’s just learning how not to treat another person,or to learn empathy for somebody in the same situation.But once you have learned your lesson you are supposed to MOVE ON.You don’t learn anything spiritual by staying miserable or letting somebody blacken your eye night after night.
Just think about all the energy someone puts into repeatedly fighting with a spouse,or having the deal with awful coworkers or just letting something drag them down in general.If they put that much energy into art,or making money or if they are parent spending time with their kids they would do a hell of allot better off.
So in short I guess I’m saying to everybody out there that is miserable,get off your ASS!


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