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January 22, 2007 at 3:35 am (Alt Models, artist, gothic dolls, pets, ugly shyla, Uncategorized)

K so I think I actually have my site working properly.YAY for making things work properly. 😛
And today I fired my first doll heads in my kiln and didn’t mess them up!I’m so excited,ok I know I need to get out more but I get excited over these kind of things.They are some Witch doll heads I made by sculpting them from scratch like I do with all my fine art stuff,then making a plaster mold *which I HATE doing ;P* and poured some heads from the mold cleaned and fired them.
The bottle is a poison bottle I designed and sculpted and I’m going to teach my mom how to paint them,that way she can pour some,fire,paint them and sell them.If I can hold her attention span for long enough.
I’ll attach a pic of the stuff I fired today.The Witches are a little darker then I’d like,it’s SUPER hard to judge the color of the slip in the raw.
And today I got a shot of my Bird Eater Tarantula named Althea on her little blanket.She likes having a blanket in the winter and will sit or sleep on her little blankie.Click the thumbnail to see a bigger pic of her.
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