Hurricane Dreams

December 3, 2006 at 10:09 am (dreams)

 It’s weird it’s been a whole year and I still have dreams/nightmares from when mom and I stayed instead of evacuating during Hurricane Rita.It was a harrowing thing to go through but we weren’t hurt and didn’t lose our home of anything from the storm.But I guess it was such a hardcore event to go through it’s still always in the back of my mind.

I can’t imagine what the people who went through Katrina deal with.

I’m not even scared to die,but I guess worrying about if my mom,pets or some of my family would be hurt just did a little bit of trauma to my already crazy brain.

For me knowing I could die during the storm didn’t scare me at all,I’m spiritual enough to not be afraid of dying. But it’s just the thought like what if a piece of shrapnel tears through here and hurts my mom or pets or the roof blows off and there is no shelter and somebody or something gets hurt ect.It’s just so unnerving,plus it’s at night so you can’t see what’s coming.I remembered me almost wanting to fist fight my mom because the second or 3rd day of the storm when it was still bad but not as bad,she insisted on sleeping in the living room with her bed like facing the screen door,with the window of it open because it was so hot in there.But it scared the hell out of me that a piece of tin or something could come flying through,so I didn’t want her doing that. So after me fussing at her for a hour didn’t do any good we compromised by me getting mad and grabbing the bed while she was in it and dragging it to where it was facing the wall next to the door.And I laid in the bed next to her in case something happened I’d be right there.Scooter came with me in that damn foam “taco” he’d hide in.

The first night her and I and all the pets slept in room in the back where it was less likely to get hit in the windows with flying stuff and you could put the beds away from the windows.

Back there we had 2 beds one for me and Scooter and one for my Mother and our awful Pug *that dog is so bad you have no idea,it torments me.LOL*.But the second night my mom had enough of the heat in the back room so she put her bed in the living room.Hence the “don’t you lay by that screen door,you are gonna get your head chopped off” fight.She’s so stubborn even in the middle of a damn hurricane.

I dreamt last night that we were out at the house we stayed in for Rita and a tornado was coming and the sky turned inky black,but it passed through and we were ok.The I heard a voice telling me something about a Spider and something like that life would be ok or something to that affect but I don’t remember the wording.Which was comforting.But it’s still unnerving to dream about that damn hurricane.


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