My Birthday,Dec 5th.

December 1, 2006 at 4:59 am (Alt Models, Alternative models, artist, ugly shyla, uglyshyla)

I love gifts,if you'd like to get me a present,you can find my wish list either here at Findgift click the gift icon:
or if you'd rather use pic's to see my wish list you can view here my Wists wishlist here
As white trashy as it sounds Wal-Mart gift cards are especially appreciated because there is a little digital camcorder there that I really want to get,so I can add video ect to my upcoming website.
Other things I like are books and music.I like allot of diverse types of music but some things I DON'T LIKE or am extremely picky about are new country and western,deathrock,gothic music,black or death metal,emb,emo and rap.
My fave types of music are white trash rock like AC/DC,70's glam or punk rock or modern music that sounds like 70's glam or punk rock,old country and western .
As far as for books I like anything weird,art related,doll related or religion related.
Kindness never goes unpunished,so make sure if you do send me a gift to include your postal addy so I can send you a thank you note.
Addy to send gifts to is the same as my business addy:
PO BOX 439


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