Done gone and found myself ANOTHER crippled cat.

November 29, 2006 at 10:07 am (cats, pets)

So I’ve done gone and got myself another crippled cat.I know I shouldn’t drag another pet home,but I couldn’t help it I felt so sorry for it.
I had to go out of town the other day to get doll making junk,so on the way back into town that night my we stopped to get a gallon of milk and cat food from the Dollar Store and I just sat in the car because I wasn’t feeling well.At the Burke’s store next to the dollar store I see a teenage girl walking with what I thought was a tiny black and white dog on a leash because it was walking in and out of her feet.
A few min later I see that it wasn’t a dog but a black and white cat that kind of looked like a skinny,young 4 legged version of my cat Scooter.
While I was sitting there I saw it going up to the door of Burke’s like it was trying to get in,I assumed it was just a stray cat from the area but I figured I’d tell my mother when she came out to put him some food,since again I assumed he was just a wild cat.
It started to sort of walk in the little traffic area of the parking lot and it sort of spooked me so I figured I’d give it a try and call it and see if it would come to me.I called here kitty,kitty and it started bolting to me like I was it’s long lost Momma.
As I got closer to her and she was really tame and let me pick her up,and she started rubbing on me and purring.I then noticed she was blind in one eye.It’s not totally gone but it’s like Cappy’s was like recessed into her head and I don’t think she can really see out of it.
I put her in the car with me and she didn’t freak out at ALL which shocked me,most cats go ape if you put them in a car and close the door.
We took her home and have her as a outside cat because I just don’t have room for another inside cat,but I feel bad because she’s such a sweet cat and asks to come in.Because of that we let her come in and sit with one of us for a few min.I’m going to ask around to some of my friends to see if maybe somebody would want her as a inside cat,she would be a great inside cat because she’s sooooo sweet and well behaved.I don’t know if maybe she was somebody’s inside cat that got out,or if somebody just didn’t want her anymore.I don’t know what happened to her eye,I don’t know if she got into it with another cat or if some asshole put her eye out.
This is her right after we brought her home,so looks so much like Scooter when he was young and not terribly chubby.LOL.I have since cleaned up her snotty eye,and we also had to take some ticks off of her.She needs a bath but I haven’t given her one yet because I don’t want to upset the hell out of her.Ignore all my art and crafting supplies in the background. :P.Click the thumbnail to see her eyed catone eyed cat


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